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DOS Viewer Software
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DOS Viewer Software

CompuShow for DOS

Full-featured graphics display system for GIF, RLE, MacPaint, PC Paint, PC Paintbrush, ColoRIX, EGA Paint, IMG, Dr. Halo, Targa, IFF/LBM/HAM, BMP, Tiff, and JFIF (JPEG) graphics on IBM compatibles with Hercules, CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, 8514/a, XGA, VESA and Super-VGA adapters including hi-color SVGAs.
QPEG v1.5e (Jpeg Viewer)

Shareware; A -fast- JPEG viewer which uses "look-up table"; VGA and 386 minimum required; supports VESA SVGA; supports JPEG, TGA, GIF (87a, 89a), PCX, BMP (Windows, OS/2), IFF, ILBM (LBM) formats; uses truecolor 16M, hicolor 32K, 256 greyscale / dithered color, and 16 color / dithered greyscale. Self-extracting.
PV Viewer
A program from Germany, it supports a wide variety of image formats and can display/convert them in a variety of ways. A bonus is that it can easily adjust colour, brightness, contrast and clarity while you view an image. Your changes may be saved in a number of formats. PV supports a wide variety of image formats along with some video and audio modes such as .avi and .mod.
Advertised as the "Fastest DOS File Viewer in the World, it lives up to the name. Sea has a pleasing keyboard and/or mouse interface which can be set to several screen resolutions. An excellent preview screen shows an image in partial or full colour, and it can also preview full animations. Its conversion utility handles all the popular formats and it can also resize at the same time, along with other enhancements. A valuable utility lies in its "Rescan" capability.
This DOS media player supports a wide variety of formats and can run in 32-bit protected mode for full capability. Its interface is very plain and it lacks a preview screen, but it can change resolution and audio settings.
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