CIAU Mens Playoffs

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Great Plains Conference Playoff

Semi-final Best of Three
Manitoba (4) at Brandon (1)
Fri Mar 7  Brandon 90 Manitoba 79 (OT)
Sat Mar 8  Brandon 81 Manitoba 66
Sun Mar 9  4 @ 1 if necessary                                                 

                                Finals Best of Three at Brandon
                                Fri Mar 14  Brandon 88 Regina 80
                                Sat Mar 15  Brandon 87 Regina 81       
                                Sun Mar 16 if necessary
                                        GPAC Champion            
Semi-final Best of Three
Winnipeg (3) at Regina (2)
Fri Mar 7  Regina 94 Winnipeg 91
Sat Mar 8  Regina 88 Winnipeg 82
Sun Mar 9  3 @ 2 if necessary                                                 

Mar 5-9                         Mar 14-16

1996/97 OUAA Ontario West Conference playoff

Varsity Arena - Fri/Sat/Sun games
Tue games at home of team listed last

5_Waterloo_76   1:00
                             1:00       _McMaster_68___
3_Western_75_                           OUAA West Champ 
6_Windsor_67_                              2:00        _McMaster_
               3:00        _Guelph_48___               OUAA Champ
                                        OUAA East Champ
Tue Mar 4    Fri Mar 17     Sat Mar 8   Sun Mar 9 

OUAA Ontario East Conference playoff

Varsity Arena Toronto

2 Toronto_81___
  6:30         _Toronto_62______
3 York_68______
                 3:00           _Laurentian_64_
1_Laurentian_84                 OUAA East Champ
  8:30         _Laurentian_69___               _McMaster__
4_Ryerson_75___                    2:00        OUAA Champ
                                OUAA West Champ     

Fri Mar 7       Sat Mar 8       Sun Mar 9

Quebec Conference Playoff

Semi-Final: Single Game
Thu Mar 6 Concordia 75 McGill 72

                           Final  Best-of-three
                           Sun Mar 9   Bishop's 84 Concordia 54		
                           Tue Mar 11  Bishop's 85 Concordia 66		
                           Fri Mar 14  Concordia @ Bishop's


AUAA Atlantic Conference playoff - Halifax Metro Centre

                1 _Memorial_75___
                    6:00         _Acadia_54______
                  lower advancing
6:00              _Dalhousie___
6_Cape Breton_70__
                                                 _St F Xavier__
4_Saint Mary's_52_                    2:00pm     Atlantic Champ
8:00              _Acadia______

                2 _St F Xavier_66  
                    8:00         _St F Xavier_59_
                  high advancing

  Fri Mar 14     Sat Mar 15       Sun Mar 16
  Att: 4,500     Att: 5,000       Att: 4,500

Tournament Pass
.... Adult $30, Students Children, Seniors $18
Admission each day,
.... Adult $10 Students, Children, Seniors $6
Order at (902)451-1221 MC, Visa, AMEX,
Lower Bowl halfcourt sections are 7, 8, 9, 21, 22, 23.
Corners are 6, 10, 20, 24.
There isn't a bad seat in the house.
One of the corners is designated No Alcohol. Be sure to ask about it if you like to sip a cold one while watching the games.

Canada West Conference Playoffs

Best of Three Semi-Finals

Best-of=three Semifinal 4 @ 1 
British Columbia at Victoria
Fri Feb 28 Victoria 79 British Columbia 65
Sat Mar 1  British Columbia 91 Victoria 82
Sun Mar 2  Victoria 90 British Columbia 83

                                Best of Three Final
                           Lethbridge at Victoria
                           Fri Mar 7 Victoria 79 Lethbridge 78 
                           Sat Mar 8 Victoria 100 Lethbridge 75
                           Sun Mar 9  if necessary        

                           __Victoria Vikings___
                           1997 CWUAA Champion
Best-of=three Semifinal 3 @ 2 
Lethbridge at Alberta
Fri Feb 28 Alberta 88 Lethbridge 71
Sat Mar 1  Lethbridge 95 Alberta75
Sun Mar 2  Lethbridge 71 Alberta 64

CIAU FINAL EIGHT Halifax Metro Centre

Conference Winners: Brandon ... St F Xavier
McMaster ... Laurentian ... Victoria ... Bishop's
Wildcards: Toronto ... Guelph
Narrative game reports by Kings Journalism students. Site is frames restricted. If you cannot reach it, try this text only link.
Fri Mar 21        Sat Mar 22     Sun Mar 23
  1:00           _Brandon _63_ 
                 5:30         _Victoria_84___
2_Victoria_72___ TSN Live
  3:00          _Victoria_83__
7_Guelph_69____               5:30
                               TSN Live      _Victoria Vikings_
4_Laurentian_90_                             1997 CIAU Champions
  7:00          _Laurentian_84
5_St F Xavier_81
                 8:30         _McMaster_73_____
1_McMaster_77___ TSN Live
  9:00          _McMaster_79__

                 NOON         _Guelph_86_____
                                 3:00        _Guelph Gryphons__
                _St F Xavier_64                Consolation
                 2:00         _Bishop's_71___

Fri Mar 21       Sat Mar 22     Sun Mar 23
All times local Atlantic 

Tournament Attendance: 22,745
Events Schedule:
Thur Mar 20 Team Warmups: One Hour
9:00 Open shoot
10:00 McMaster
11:00 Toronto
12:00 Brandon
1:00 Laurentian
2:00 Guelph
3:00 St Francis Xavier
4:00 Victoria
5:00 Bishop's
Fri Mar 21 Team Warmups: 30 minutes
8:00 Toronto
8:30 Brandon
9:00 Guelph
9:30 Victoria
10:00 St. Francis Xavier
10:30 Laurentian
11:00 Bishop's
11:30 McMaster

Tournament Pass (10 games)
.... Adult $40, Students, Children, Seniors $25
Admission for each Double Header,
.... Adult $12 Students, Children, Seniors $8
Order at (902)451-1221 MC, Visa, AMEX,
Lower Bowl halfcourt sections are 7, 8, 9, 21, 22, 23.
Corners are 6, 10, 20, 24.
.... There isn't a bad seat in the house.
One of the corners is designated No Alcohol.
Be sure to ask about it if you like to sip a
cold one while watching the games.
Here are past records of the CIAU Championships
and here is the draw and results of Last Year's Final Eight

Metro Centre Seating

[Metro Centre Seating ...gif 11kb]

Here is a simple seating plan of the Metro Centre. Use it to select your preferred locations before calling in to order tickets.

Some prefer watching basketball from the corners, like Sections 4 and 5.

Seating Rows:
Lower Bowl: A-S
Upper Bowl: A-V

Row V is quite high, yet still a good place to watch championship basketball in a full house.

Staying downtown?

For out-of-town fans going to Halifax, here is a little map that shows the locations of the major venues for the Tournament; the Metro Centre, and The Halifax Sheraton. It shows the location of downtown hotels near the Metro Centre. All are first-class.

[Hotel Map ...gif 11kb]

A secret to picking a good location is to study the pedways and tunnels, the coloured lines on the map. If the weather is bad, (it seldom is in Halifax) you will be mostly indoors, under cover.

You can stay at the Prince George, and be totally indoors for the three days of the tournament, by taking the tunnel to the World Trade Centre, then escalators up to the Metro Centre.

From hotels connected through Scotia Square you can now walk directly in to the World Trade Center and Metro Centre through a new tunnel under Duke Street, opened in 1996.

The passage from WTC to the Metro Centre is through an office corridor that may be shut down after hours. If it is closed, you can easily step outside and re-enter through a nearby door to continue on your way.

Don't ask about amenities. The hotels have their own, and the area is crammed with eating and drinking spots. Check out Argyle and Grafton Streets to begin.

A block left on Granville Street is Bill Robinson's NS Sport Heritage Museum. Worth a visit, if you want to get outside and get some fresh air. While there you can shoot some baskets, play a bit of one-on-one, or shoot some pucks at a Tony Esposito.

Awards and All-Stars

1996/97 Canada West All Stars and Awards

First Team
Eric Hinrichsen : Victoria (Unanimous)
Navie Sekhon : Calgary (Unanimous)
Pat Cannon : Victoria (Unanimous)
Barnaby Craddock : Lethbridge (Unanimous)
Whitney Harris : Saskatchewan
Gerald Cole : UBC
.... NOTE: Harris and Cole tied for the fifth spot on the first team
Second Team
Mikel Schmidt : Alberta
Christopher Orr : Lethbridge
John Dumont : UBC
Darren Semeniuk : Alberta
Eric Butler : UBC
Canada West Player of the Year
Eric Hinrichsen : Victoria (Unanimous)
Coach of the Year:
Guy Vetrie : Victoria
Rookie of the Year:
Aaron Olson : Victoria (Unanimous)

1996/97 GPAC AllStars

First Team
Kevin Gilroy : Regina
Elliot Unger : Manitoba
Shawn Gray : Brandon
Richard Lovelace : Brandon
Dale Holmes : Regina
Second Team
Bill Johnson : Regina
Jason Harrison : Winnipeg
Demetrius Floyd : Brandon
Matej Maroti : Winnipeg
Drew Hunter : Regina
Ogo Okwumabua : Manitoba
Player Of Year
Kevin Gilroy : Regina
Rookie Of Year
Matt Lechasseur : Manitoba
Coach of the Year
James Hillis : Regina

1996/97 OUAA West All Stars and Awards

1st Team All-Stars:
Titus Channer : McMaster
Mano Watsa : Waterloo
Chris Webber : Western Ontario
Geoff Stead : Windsor
Kris VanderVeer : Guelph
2nd Team All-Stars:
Keegan Johnson : McMaster
Greg Sandstrom : Wilfrid Laurier
Brendan Noonan : Western Ontario
Jamie Clark : Brock
Matt McMillan : Windsor
Player of the Year:
Titus Channer : McMaster
Rookie of the Year:
Jeff Zdrahal : Wilfrid Laurier
Coach of the Year:
Joe Raso : McMaster

1996/97 OUAA East All Stars and Awards

First Team:
Eddy Megeurian : Toronto
Cory Bailey : Laurentian
Scott Belasco : Ryerson
Shawn Swords : Laurentian
Wilton Hall : York
Second Team:
Nathan Aryev : York
Jason Dressler : Toronto
Jason Gopaul : Toronto
Ted Dongelmans : Laurentian
Byron Nugent : York
Player of the Year:
Eddy Megeurian : Toronto
Rookie of the Year:
Paul Nixon : York
Coach of the Year:
Peter Campbell : Laurentian

Quebec Awards 1996/97

First Team
J.P. Reimer - Concordia
Stewart Clark - Bishop's
Rob Burns - Bishop's
David Dumas - Laval
Jay Prosper - Concordia
Second Team
Marc-Olivier Bessette - Laval
Matt Watson - McGill
Patrice Lemieux - Bishop's
Hubert Davis - McGill
Frantz-Eric Elysee - Laval
Player of the Year:
J.P. Reimer - Concordia
Rookie of the Year:
Marc-Olivier Bessette - Laval
Coach of the Year:
Eddie Pomykala - Bishop's

1996/97 Atlantic AUAA Awards

First Team
Peter Benoite : Memorial
Brian Parker : Dalhousie
Jason Medford : Saint Mary's
Michael Clarke : St Francis Xavier
Gordon McNeilly : New Brunswick
Second Team
Rawle Philadelphia : Cape Breton
Mike Wall : Cape Breton
Doug Newson : Prince Edward Island
Mark Headley : Acadia
John Devereaux : Memorial
Player of the year:
Peter Benoite : Memorial
Rookie of the year (tie)
Jonah Taussig : Saint Mary's
Coach of the year:
Glenn Taylor : Memorial

CIAU Final Eight Tournament Awards
Tournament MVP
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria
Tournament All-Stars
Shawn Swords, Laurentian
Shawn Gray, Brandon
Patrick Cannon, Victoria
Shawn Francis, McMaster
Titus Channer, McMaster

CIAU National Awards

Mike Moser Award (outstanding Player)
Eric Hinrichsen, Victoria HT: Campbell River BC
Aaron Olson, Victoria HT: Brentwood Bay BC
TSN Award
Shawn Plancke, Dalhousie HT: Elgin ON
Coach of Year
Peter Cambell, Laurentian
Saxon All-Canadians
First Team
Eric Hinrichsen : Victoria HT: Campbell River BC
Titus Channer : McMaster HT: Hamilton ON
Eddy Meguerian : Toronto HT: Don Mills ON
Peter Benoite : Memorial HT: Little Barachoix NF
Kevin Gilroy : Regina HT: Eastend SK
Second Team
Brian Parker : Dalhousie HT: Laurel MD
Barnaby Craddock : Lethbridge HT: Vancouver BC
Shawn Swords : Laurentian HT: Ottawa ON
Mano Watsa : Waterloo HT: Harrow ON
Cory Bailey : Laurentian HT: Scarborough ON

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