[Back to CIAU Index Page]Final Eight 2001 at Halifax Metro Centre
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  Friday March 15      Saturday March 16     Sunday March 17      
4 Carleton 77      
  1:00 G1  McMaster 76  
5 wc  McMaster 78    
        5:00 TSN G7  StFX 83  
1 StFX 95     OT 
  7:00 Score G3  StFX 78
8 Laval 68  
        5:30 TSN  G10 StFX .... X-Men
2 Western 77     2001 CIAU
  3:00 G2  Western 76.     Champions
7 Victoria 64      
        8:00 TSN G8  Brandon 76
3 Brandon 65      
  9:00 Score G4  Brandon 77
6 wc  Saint Mary's 57      
  Carleton 97  
NOON Score G5  Carleton 86  
Laval 86    
      2:00 G9  Carleton
Victoria 58       Consolation
2:00 Score G6  Saint Mary's 67 Champ
SaintMary's 90  
  Friday March 15      Saturday March 16     Sunday March 17  
  Attend: 14,562      Attend: 14,831     Attend: 9,589 
 Sell out!
Total: 39,490 
Final Eight TEAM SHOOTS at Metro Centre (tentative) 
(I hour 10 min) 
(normal morning sched) 
Saint Mary's 

  Carleton             McMaster          
10 Charlie Cattran F 6'-7" 3 Ottawa ON   3 Kevin McKenna G 6'-2" 3 St Catharines ON  
45 Ben DoorneKamp F 6'-4" 1 Odessa ON   5 Charles Kissi G 6'-2" 1 Toronto ON  
0 Glen Green G 6'-1" 1 Seeley's Bay ON   23 Justin Boye G 6'-5" 3 Hamilton ON  
23 Paul Larmand G 6'-5" 2 Victoria Harbour ON   25 Brian Taylor G 6'-6" 3 Hamilton ON  
41 Jafeth Maseruka G 6'-3" 3 Ottawa ON   31 Doug Doyle G 6'-6" 5 Toronto ON  
53  Matt McKechnie F 6'-3" 2 Ottawa ON   33 Rodney Baptiste G 6'-6" 4 Oakville ON  
33 Mark McMahon F 6'-2" 2 Peterborough ON   34 Graham Hewitt F 6'-6" 3 Hamilton ON  
43 James O'Grady F 6'-5" 5 Richmond ON   35 Mark Maga G 6'-6" 4 Stoney Creek ON  
31 Dean Petridis F 6'-3" 4 Ottawa ON   44 Steve Maga G 5'-10" 5 Stoney Creek ON  
21 Josh Poirier F 6'-5" 2 Ottawa ON   45 Emanuel Ostojic G 6'-2" 4 Thunder Bay ON  
5 Matt Ross G 6'-0" 1 Milford ON   52 Adam Guiney F 6'-7" 1 Windsor ON  
11 Michael Smart G 6'-4" 1 Napanee ON   53 Jonathan Joseph F 6'-6" 1 Toronto ON  
15 Robert Smart G 6'-3" 3 Napanee ON   54 Jamie Loucks C 6'-8" 3 Burlington ON  
13 Devin Taylor G 6'-1" 2 Guelph ON   55 Stephen Martin C 6'-8" 1 Sarnia ON  
51 Chabine Tucker G 6'-5" 2 Ottawa ON                
35 Adam White F 6'-6" 1 Ottawa ON                
  Western              Victoria          
3 Scott Seeley G 6'-2" 1 Thunder Bay ON    10  Etienne Orr-Ewing  F  6'-8"  4 Vancouver BC   
4 Adam Peaker G 6'-2" 1 Burlington ON    11  Ali Wilmot  G  6'-8"  5 Victoria BC  
5 Jimmy G 5'-8" 3 Ridgetown ON    10  Chris Trumpy  PG  6'-8"  1 Victoria BC  
12 Mark Porte G 6'-2" 3 Hamilton ON    14  Reagan Daly  G 5'-11"  2 Sidney BC  
14 Sagar Desai F 6'-6" 1 London ON    15 Sandy Bisaro   F  6'-8"  4 Victoria BC  
15 Timothy Shanks G 6'-8" 2 London ON    21  Jason Crawford  F  6'-7"  3 Duncan BC   
21 Chedo Ndur F 6'-2" 4 Union ON    22  Keith Bustard  G  6'-4"  4 Vancouver BC   
24 Nicholas Salomons F 6'-6" 1 Mt. Brydges ON    23  Nathan Ashmead  F  6'-6"  1 Victoria BC  
25 Matt Tweedie G/F 6'-6" 5 London ON    30 Kerry Westmore  F  6'-7"  4 Nanaimo BC  
44 Richard Tamminga C 6'-10" 5 London ON    32  Eric Rushton  F  6'-5" Victoria BC   
54 Chris Brown F/C 6'-8" 4 London ON    44 Tyler Bates  F  6'-6"  4 Cambridge ON   
55 Andy Kwiatkowski F 6'-6" 3 Kitchener ON    50 Greg Bateson  6'-3"  1 Campbell R. BC   
               55 Jamie Blake  G 6'-0"   5 Victoria BC  
  StFX              Laval          
5 Randy Nohr G 6'-0" 5 Aldergrove BC   12 Yannick Boileau F 6'-4" 3 Sainte-Foy QC  
11 Everett Adams G 5'-10" 2 Charlotte NC   13 David Brownrigg G 6'-4" 4 Longueuil QC  
12 Mike Budreski G 6'-1" 1 Halifax NS   15 Samuel Audet-Sow F 6'-5" 2 Sainte-Foy QC  
20 Dion Williams PG 6'-0" 1 Ottawa ON   20 Donald Lamousnery G 5'-10" 1 Montreal QC  
21 Fred Perry G/F 6'-0" 5 Halifax NS   21 Charles Fortier G 6'-4" 1 Amos QC  
22 Jordan Croucher G 6'-2" 4 Halifax NS   22 Marc-Olivier Bessette F 6'-5" 4 Sherbrooke QC  
23 Dennie Oliver F 6'-6" 4 Halifax NS   23 Gopal Bernatchez G 5'-8" 1 Sainte-Foy QC  
30 Krzysztof Stach F 6'-6" 5 Aylmer QC   31 Francois Caussignac F 6'-5" 3 Sainte-Foy QC  
31 Jason Kerswill C 6'-8" 3 Kanata ON   32 Jean-C Moudio Alene F 6'-5" 2 QC  
32 James Maksymiw F 6'-5" 5 Aldergrove BC   33 Marc-Antoinme Horth C 6'-7" 1 Sainte-Foy QC  
42 John Bustin G 6'-2" 1 Wolfville NS   55 Yuan Jomphe F 6'-2" 4 Jonquiere QC  
44 Jonathan Daniel G 6'-2" 2 Gloucester ON                
45 Alexander Stephen F 6'-7" 1 Toronto ON                
 10 Tyrone Smith 5'-11"   Toronto      Saint Mary's          
 12  Gil Cheung  G 6'-1"   3  Richmond    5 Austin O'Reilly G 6'-1" 1 Brick NJ  
 14  Charlton Weasel Head  G  5'-11"  5  Kainai Res   11 Colin Allum G 6'-1" 3 Trinidad  
 20  Joseph Asante  G  5;-10"  2  Toronto   12 Shawn Smith G 5'-9" 1 Yarmouth NS  
 22  Mike Raimbault  G  6'-0"  1  Brandon   14 Jonah Taussig G 6'-1" 5 Halifax NS  
 24  Bijan Jiany  F 6'-5"  2  Vancouver   15 Damon Parachnowitsch F 6'-4" 2 Halifax NS  
 30  Joshua Masters  G 6'-5"   3  Vancouver   21 Stuart Josselyn G 6'-0" 2 Lunenburg NS  
 32  Ronald Leslie Jr  F  6'-6"  5  Calgary   24 Kurt Henry G 6'-0" 5 Rexdale ON  
 34  Kwasi Osae-Danso  G  6'-4"  1  Scarborough   34 Gabe Goree F 6'-5" 2 Halifax NS  
 40  Donald Phillips  G  6'-5"  5  Houston   40 Ashkan Rajaee F 6'-6" 3 Teheran Iran  
 45  Chris Passley  F  6'-6"  5  Winnipeg   42 Nate Phillipe F 6'-8" 3 Ottawa ON  
 50  Carlos Martinez  P  6'-10"  2  Winnipeg   43 Peter Turnbull F 6'-5" 5 Dartmouth NS  
 52  Earnest Bell  F  6'-6"  5  Louisville   55 Ryan McClintock C 6'-8" 5 Quarryville PA
 54  Aaron Mitchell  FC  6'-4"  5  Coquitlam  
 00  Scott Walton C  6'-9"  4  Pitt Meadows  
 -  Charles Jacoway  F  6'-6"  2  Vancouver    

Wild Cards

The six conference champions are automatically invited to the Final Eight. Each conference decides its winner in its own way, often based on tradition and the geography of the conference. 

The Atlantic conference in 1999 returned to a 6-team single knockout tournament, as usual held at Halifax Metro Centre. It was not uncommon to see a #5 or #6 win the previous night then come out and flatten the #1 or #2 seed after sharpening their shooting eye in the Metro Center. GPAC in 1999 reverted back to its 3-team format from its 1998 experiment when all four teams made the playoff. Now they are back to four. WIth the addition of a 7th team, Canada West in 2000 began a new 6-team format with Quarterfinals. 

Wild cards came about because of a need to make the national championship a fairer tournament. Using only the six conference winners creates an imbalanced draw. One conference champ may have to play 3 games to win the event. Another may reach the final with only a single victory. Adding two more teams creates a balanced, fair draw. 

The last two teams accepted into the Final Eight are Wild Cards selected from the best of the remaining teams. This is done by a special CIAU committee who hold their final discussions and announce a decision on the Sunday evening prior to the Final Eight. Some conferences are still playing that afternoon, deciding their representative. The selection committee also seeds the teams into the championship draw. Contrary to popular opinion, the selection committee is not the same committee that isssues weekly polls over the course of the season. It is a brand new committee.

Teams must actually apply to be considered as wild cards. A top team that does not formally apply will not be considered. This dates from the old days when a team might not be able to afford or choose to travel to the championship, or simply chose not to play. But, since the Final Eight found a permanent home in Halifax 15 years ago, the tournament has generated more than enough revenue to help deserving teams get there. This reminds us of the situation years ago when the NCAA actually had to force its top teams to play in its own championship. They did much better financially by going to the NIT in Madison Square Gardens in New York. It took legal action to make the top teams play in the NCAA Championship. 

An obvious choice for a wildcard is a team that has been winning all season, has been high in the rankings, has led its league, but is unexpectedly upset in a sudden-death playoff game. But, if four such dominant teams are upset in conference playoffs, the committee has a bad problem. 

Less common is for 6 season-long favorites to win their conference berths in the Final Eight. Then, the committee must decide between the next cluster of lesser teams ranked 7, 8, 9, and 10. 

Teams are chosen on merit. But where there is a toss-up the committee has the option to lean in the direction of selecting a wild card applicant from the home conference. It is felt this helps boost attendance and the revenue so necessary to maintaining the Final Eight as a prestige event. 

Notes by 1999 Committee Member James Hillis: 
Based on criteria laid out by the NABCC, teams that apply for a wild card berth are ranked 1 through 6 (or 1 through whatever) on each of the ten criteria below. Six points for 1st rank, 5 points for second etc. After all teams are ranked on all criteria, a tally is done. The low team on the list is dropped. The ranking occurs again. Low team is dropped again .....and so on until two remain. The process is purely objective, with no allowance for interpretation by the committee (one coaches' rep from each conference plus a chair). Thus, criticize the system if you will, but no basis for comments of politics etc. The process itself will be reviewed at the upcoming NABCC meetings. 

The Voting Criteria 
1. Final regular season conference record and standing 
2. Playoff Performance 
3. Games vs other conference champions (regular season) 
4. Games vs other teams under wild card consideration. 
5. Team results in the last 10 games of conference play. 
6. Game results non-conference (vs CIAU opponents) 
7. Game results non-conference (vs CIAU opponents outside of own conference) 
8. Final CIAU top ten ranking 
9. Total number of weeks as a top ten team. 
10. Position in the top ten over last 5 weeks of the ranking

CIAU Final8
Tournament Pass (10 games)
.... Corporate $75
.... Adult $70
.... Senior/Student $50
.... Youth (u-12) $25

Admission for each Double Header
.... Adult $18
.... Senior/Student $12 .... Youth (u-12) $6
Ticket Orders: (902) 451-1221 

Lower Bowl halfcourt sections are 7, 8, 9, 21, 22, 23.
Corners are 6, 10, 20, 24.
.... There isn't a bad seat in the house.
One of the corners is designated No Alcohol.
Be sure to ask about it if you like to sip a
cold one while watching the games.

Metro Centre Seating

[Metro Centre Seating ...gif 11kb]

 Here is a simple seating plan of the Metro Centre. Use it to select your preferred locations before calling in to order tickets.

 Some prefer watching basketball from the corners, like Sections 4 and 5.

 Seating Rows:
Lower Bowl: A-S
Upper Bowl: A-V

 Row V is quite high, yet still a good place to watch championship basketball in a full house.

Staying downtown?

For out-of-town fans going to Halifax, here is a little map that shows the locations of the major venues for the Tournament; the Metro Centre, and The Halifax Sheraton. It shows the location of downtown hotels near the Metro Centre. All are first-class.

(These maps are a couple of years old. Some names may have changed but the places are essentially the same. A pub or hoterl may have a new name, but odds are you'll find the same bartender there.)

[Hotel Map ...gif 11kb]

A secret to picking a good location is to study the pedways and tunnels, the coloured lines on the map. If the weather is bad, (it seldom is in Halifax) you will be mostly indoors, under cover.

 You can stay at the Prince George, and be totally indoors for the three days of the tournament, by taking the tunnel to the World Trade Centre, then escalators up to the Metro Centre.

From hotels connected through Scotia Square you can now walk directly in to the World Trade Center and Metro Centre through a new tunnel under Duke Street, opened in 1996.

The passage from WTC to the Metro Centre is through an office corridor that may be shut down after hours. If it is closed, you can easily step outside and re-enter through a nearby door to continue on your way.

Don't ask about amenities. The hotels all have their own, and the area is crammed with eating and drinking spots. Check out Argyle and Grafton Streets to begin.

A block left on Granville Street is NS Sport Heritage Museum. Worth a visit, if you want to get outside and get some fresh air. While there you can shoot some baskets, play a bit of one-on-one, or shoot some pucks at a Tony Esposito.