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2018 NSMCRA Sanctioned Races





Jul 21
Nictaux Canal Race 16 km Canal/Lake Course
Nictaux Canal South of Middleton
John Skaling
Oct 13
Fred Lynch Memorial
Canoe Race
16 km on Lakes Banook/MicMac/Charles
(Start/Finish @ Banook)
Kris Archibald

NSMCRA Membership Fees
Racing season: January to December.
Adults (18 year and over): $40.00 / year.
Youth (less than 18 years): $20.00 / year.
Family Membership: / year.
Single Race Fee: $5.00 / paddler. This does not provide
full membership to the NSMCRA
but allows participation
in one sanctioned race.
NSMCRA Members Receive:
  • Opportunity to participate in NSMCRA sanctioned races. These races are ran according to NSMCRA regulations. Participation automatically enrolls members in the NSMCRA points system which determines Female and Male Paddler of the Year.
  • All members receive an annual newsletter and schedule of N.S. sanctioned races as well as other races around the province and across Canada.
  • All members are entitled to participate in the Canadian Marathon Canoe and Kayak Racing Championships held once a year.
  • N.S. paddlers wishing to compete within the ICF Marathon Canoe and Kayak World Championships must be members of the NSMCRA.
  • All members are automatically members of the Marathon Racing Council of Canada which represents Marathon Racing within the Canadian Canoe Association which in turn represents Canada at the International Canoe Fereration at the world level.
  • Membership will be notified of and encouraged to attend workshops, clinics, annual meetings, social events, and other functions which will help to develop Marathon Canoeing and the camaraderie which accompanies it. In addition members will receive any pertinent information which becomes available to the executive which may be of value to the individual or the sport in general.
  • Members are elgible to use any NSMCRA equipment (Pro Boats, Paddles etc).

NSMCRA Sanctioned Race Point System

NSMCRA members who participate at sanctioned races are awarded points depending upon their placement and the number of canoes in their respective class. It is from these points that the female and male paddler of the year are determined. At our Annual General Meeting on Dec. 15, 2001 the method of point determination was altered slightly to better reflect participation at our races. As a result points will be awarded as follows for the year 2002 and beyond. In addition there will be only one female and one male paddler of the year award. Should a tie arise the executive will consider number of races attended and past awards received in determining paddler of the year.

PLACE 3 or more Boats 2 Boats 1 Boat Personal Record
1st 50 40 30
2nd 40 30
3rd 30
4th 20
5th 10

** Classes may vary from race to race depending upon the number of paddlers who show up, the type of boat and the decision of the race organizing committee. If uncertain racers are encouraged to contact the organizers and organizers are to insure all paddlers are aware of the class they are in, prior to race start. Upon completition of the race, results are to be forwarded to the president of the NSMCRA, by class, on the official application forms provided to sanctioned race organizers.

NSMCRA Racing Regulations: Canoes & Kayaks
All canoes and kayaks involved in a Nova Scotia Marathon Canoe Racing Association (NSMCRA) Sanctioned Race must carry the following equipment :
  • One Canadian approved pfd or lifejacket of proper size for each person on board.
  • A soundsignalling device.
  • A watertight workable flashlight if race is operated after sunset or before sunrise.
  • Bailer or manual water pump.
  • Spare paddle
  • All canoes and kayaks must have an attached painter at least 3 meters in length.

NSMCRA Sanctioned Race Minimums
All NSMCRA sanctioned races must insure as a minimum the following conditions are adhered to:
  • A starter and safety person must be present at the start of all races.
  • A finish line judge and safety person must be present at the finish of all races.
  • A course official must be present at all locations where problems of safety or race improprieties could occur. This refers but is not limited to locations such as bouy turns, portages and' white water.
  • Safety boats are required on large bodies of water where wind, waves, swell, or distance from shore could create a dangerous situation for racing canoes or kayaks.
  • Communication devises are mandatory between designated officials and the chief race official.
  • A verified starting line up must be recorded for all race classes. All canoes or kayaks that start a race must have their completion times recorded. The status of all canoes that do not complete the race must be known by the chief race official. It is the responsibility of craft that drop out of any race to notify the chief official as soon as possible.
  • All participants in NSMCRA sanctioned races must be members of the NSMCRA.
  • All race participants must complete a race application form and read and sign a Standard Release Form for the race in question. All racers must attend the pre race meeting where the course will be reviewed.
  • The race organizer must submit race results and NSMCRA membership fees to the Secretary Treasurer of the NSMCRA within two (2) weeks of the race.

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