Serge Corbin Tribute

The weekend of Jan 10th, Ron had his way paid to Trois Riviere, Quebec to attend a very special tribute to Serge Corbin and his 25 wins of La Classique and his domination of all major canoe races over the last 30 years. Ron was Serge’s La Classique partner in 1978 and 1980. All ten of Serge’s partners were equally honoured (see picture, above). Over three hundred persons attended the surprise 4-hour extravaganza – probably too short of time for Ron and others to meet old friends and soak in the totality of appreciation to Canada’s King of Marathon Canoeing.

Richard, I have taken the liberty of including the e-mail you sent to me (Jan 16th). It further enlightens the rest of us to the significance of this event.


It was such an emotional event to have all these nice paddlers get together in Trois Riviere, Québec for such an impressive evening. Think of it. Gregg Barton from out west (Seattle, Washington) and having to be in Africa the very next Monday morning, Ron Williams from BC. and Solomon Carriere from his way up north home in Saskatchewan. I still can hardly believe we made it.

Tomorrow night we are also having another evening of Gala where Serge is in nomination as Athlete of the Year. Even at 47 years of age he is still paddling strong. By the way, how about making it a must for Ron Williams to make it back to La Classique for 2004. Good idéa.

Richard H. Toupin President FQCLP

The group picture includes Serge’s Partners:

Left to right Front row: Solomon Carriere (Saskatchewan) in 85, 93-94, Jeff Kolka (Michigan) in 00-01, 03 Richard Tétrault (Québec) in 81, Ron Williams (Colombie Britannique) 78, 80 Claude Corbin 74-75-76-77-79 Back Row. Greg Barton (Seattle , Wash.) 96-97, Brett Stockton (Michigan) 91 -92 (Serge Corbin) Michel Beauchesne (Québec) 82, Bruce Barton (Michigan) 90 Normand Mainguy (Québec) 86, 88, 89,98 -99.

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