Urban Community Access Program

Downtown Halifax Business Commission Focus Group
September 9, 1999

Discussion Questions - Key Points Made

  1. What are the particular IT needs of the downtown business community that are not currently being met?

    • There was some question if there was a need for more access.
    • There was concern about the impact of free access on private downtown businesses that offer services ( Ceilidh Connection, Second Cup, Javanet, Great Taste, Youth Hostel) as well as existing services provided by the Library and DalTech
    • Needs exist for:
      • Laptop plug-in for business visitors
      • Telephone plug-in for business visitors
      • Free easily accessible information to potential entrepreneurs/businesses on establishing a business (eg; tax information, traffic flow, hard statistical information) - a "one stop shopping place" / Information on e-commerce, web development

  2. Who do you think the user community would be?

    • Visitors to the city (e.g.: tourists, cruise ship staff/passengers)
    • Local pedestrian traffic
    • Casual visitors to area
    • Business owners
      • potential
      • existing
      • staff
    • Other groups not geographically specific:
      • Seniors
      • Youth
      • Stay at home mothers

  3. What type of training/support is needed?

    • Basic skills - how to use the internet, etc.
    • Information on where to go first
    • There is an underutilization of technology for those that have some skills
    • Possible partnerships:

  4. Where would you see the access being made available?

    • Add ons to existing private services (e.g.: Ceilidh Connection)

Ideas for follow-up:

  • Project to pull together the "one stop shopping idea" for business
  • Information for potential businesses - maybe a Dalhousie MBA student research project
  • Way to have further discussion/input online with other businesses


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