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Chebucto At Word On The Street 2004
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Chebucto Community Net at
Word On The Street 2004!

[Photo: The WOTS crowd.]   
The 2004 Word On The Street book festival held on Pier 20, Sunday September 19th drew a respectable crowd, though it seemed to be smaller than in other years.

[Photo: The tent shared by HRCA and Chebucto.] This year, Chebucto Community Net shared a tent with the Halifax Regional CAP Association. Chebucto was also having a public celebration of its 10th Anniversary complete with cakes and a contest in partnership with HRCA and prize donor Brilliance Computers

[Photo: N.S. MLA Danny Graham and Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald cut the first birthday cake.]  
Nova Scotia MLA Danny Graham and Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald slice the first of two 10th Anniversary cakes.

Chebucto Community Net was founded in June 1994 but there has been a long-standing tradition of having a public birthday party at the Word on the Street, held in September.

[Photo: HRCA and CCN volunteers setting up the tent.] It was an earlier than usual start for the volunteers from Chebucto and HRCA. In planning meetings the layout for the tent exhibit was determined in advance. There would be a combined HRCA-Chebucto PowerPoint presentation running on three flatscreen LCD monitors generously loaned by Dalhousie University Computing and Information Systems; three Community Access Program public terminals running on laptops (which would also serve as part of the Solve 6 contest) using a Chebucto network server running on a Chebucto Plus 56 K connection. The Solve 6 contest prize, a Compaq flatscreen monitor, also showing the HRCA-Chebucto PowerPoint presentation, would sit in the middle of the tent flanked by two large display tables, one for each group to use as information displays.

Wiring this lot up, with all the power cords and computers was a major undertaking and easily the most elaborate setup we've ever tried.

[Photo: Setting up the magic behind the scenes.] Chebucto volunteer Johnathan Thibodeau working behind the scenes sets up the internet connection and networking for the three CAP computers.

[Photo: Chebucto Treasurer Bernie Hart inspects the finished product.] Chebucto's Treasurer Bernie Hart enjoys a quiet moment with the setup of the tent and displays completed and fifteen minutes to go before Word on the Street opens. Volunteers had worked since before dawn putting everything together.

[Photo: The tent was popular.] There was a steady stream of people with questions both for Chebucto and HRCA volunteers. The Solve 6 contest, which required players to use the public internet connection to find and answer questions proved quite popular.

[Photo: N.S. MP Alexa McDonough and Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald talk.]  
Nova Scotia MP Alexa McDonough talking with Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald.

Alexa picked up one of our famous mousepads for herself.

[Photo: The tenth anniversary cake.]  
Here's one of the two fine birthday cakes supplied by Sobeys Lacewood Drive store. Kudos to Chebucto Board member Tanya Moxley for her work on the cake logistics.

[Photo: The tenth anniversary cake, part two.]  
Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald and Nova Scotia MLA Danny Graham cutting the second birthday cake.

[Photo: The tenth anniversary cake, part three.]  
Giving out birthday cake to people makes for a popular booth.

[Photo: Solve 6 contest draw with David Murdoch and Marilyn MacDonald.]  
HRCA Coordinator David Murdoch and Chebucto Chair Marilyn MacDonald draw the winning entry in the Chebucto - HRCA Solve 6 contest.

[Photo: More people and cake.] Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth, to the hard working volunteers of HRCA and to Chebucto volunteers Marilyn MacDonald, Bernie Hart, Mark Alberstat, John McKay, Tanya Moxley, Johnathan Thibodeau, Chris Watt, Chris Wood, and Andrew Wright.


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