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Gita Maria Jewelry and Buttons

Cheerful, lightweight and totally irresistible:
Gita Maria Sock Earrings, medium Sock Earrings

Decorated on both sides!
Weight: 3.5g per earring
Size: 2 x 2.5cm (0.75 x 1")
Price: $36.00 Cdn
Other colours available:
Light blue with purple and medium blue cuffs
Green with black cuffs and stripes
Tiny little Gita Maria Sock Earrings Tiny understated Sock Earrings

Weight: 1g each
Size: 1 x 1.25 cms (0.4 x 0.5")
Price: $24.00 Cdn
Colours as for larger sock earrings.
Gita Maria Sock Pin Sock Pin (this can be suspended from a cord as a pendant)

Weight: 11g
Size: Approx 5 x 5.5cm , (1.75 x 2")
Price: Introductory Special $24.00 Cdn (Regularly $32.50)
Colours: black/orange (shown); silver/green; blue/lime.
Farm Sheep Stud :

A lovely little pewter stud for your shawl or cardigan.
Size:2 cm (3/4 inch).
Price: $9.60 Cdn.
black sheep stitch markers Sheep Stitch Markers:
These are dual-purpose: the four little black sheep are stitch markers or jewelry, whatever suits your needs of the day!
Price: $24.00 Cdn for all four.(Note: the BAA's shown are no longer available.)
Baa...Baa... Earrings:

Say your piece with these dainty earrings cast in pewter in Nova Scotia! The word Baa is suspended vertically, making an ultralight statement at under 1 gram each. Ideal for delicate, yet sheep-loving, ears.
Price: $12.00 Cdn
Petroglyph Sheep earrings. Petroglyph Sheep Earrings
Based on an ancient sheep petroglyph, these small pewter earrings are made in Nova Scotia by Adrienne Thomas. A perfect gift for sheep-o-philes.
Per pair $10.00 Cdn
petroglyph sheep pin Petroglyph Sheep Pin
Based on the same sheep petroglyph as the earrings, these pewter sheep have a textured color-enameled fleece. Made in Nova Scotia by Adrienne Thomas. Another perfect gift for sheep-o-philes.
SIZE: approx. 2 1/2", WEIGHT: 18 grams
COLORS: Silver, burnished gold, spring green purply blue, reddish, copper. Please specify color when ordering.
$15.00 Cdn
Farm Sheep Pin
Pewter sheep by Adrienne Thomas: A classic, curly-fleeced, pewter sheep for your lapel.
Lightweight at 8g (1/2 oz) and measuring only 4 x 2.5 cms (1.5" x 1")
$12.00 Cdn
Wild and Whacky Sheep Pins
These one-of-a-kind acetate pins are created by Sarah Reesor. They feature a happy sheep with color-dappled legs, brightly colored fleece, and a whimsical beaded tail.
SIZE: approx. 3.5" x 2.5" / 7cm x 5cm.
Please specify fleece color when ordering: Hot pink, sky blue, russet orange, lime green or turquoise.
$20.00 Cdn
Sheep Earrings Little Sheep Earrings
Utterly adorable tiny pewter sheep earrings, made in Nova Scotia by Adrienne Thomas. A perfect gift for any wool fancier.
Per pair $12.00 Cdn

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