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Knitting Needles and Great Gadgets

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Umbrella Swift (polished wood):
An umbrella swift will hold almost any size skein of yarn for winding, and will do so without complaining or whining! A truly friendly companion to your indispensible ball-winder. Clamps to table edge or wooden chair arm, or in a pinch, to any ledge in hotel lobby. (Yarn not included: available separately.)
Price: $77.95 Cdn.
Ball Winder Ball Winder:
With the aid of a ball winder, even very small children can be persuaded to wind wool for you! This winder will make elegant, kind-to-your-yarn center-pull balls.
Price: $55.95 Cdn
Little black sheep stitchmarkers Sheep Stitch Markers:
These are dual-purpose: the four little black sheep are stitch markers or jewelry, whatever suits your needs of the day!
Price: $24.00 Cdn for all four.(Note: the BAA's shown are no longer available.)
Thread Cutter Pendant Thread Cutter Pendant
A really cool tool (and great present) for any knitter or needleworker. A decoratively embossed disc (approx 1.25" diameter, weight 12g), with 15 inset slots, any of which will cut your yarn neatly. There are no sharp edges exposed. So if you need to travel without your scissors - this one is for you.
$10.00 Cdn
McMorran Yarn Balance:
This clever little balance scale will help you to determine the yardage/meterage of mystery yarns or handspun skeins. A very useful tool for the serious fiber worker.
Available in Metric (meters / gram) or Imperial (yds / lb), please specify.
Price: $41.95 Cdn
dpn point protectors Stitch-Keepers:
Handy little protectors for double-pointed needle sets: two soft plastic caps connected by a length of elastic. They are ideal for keeping all your needles safely together in a project, protecting them from damage, or from sticking through your travel bags and into you. They also store sets of needles very neatly.
Please specify length ( S, M, or L) AND cup size ( F, R, or C). (Just like buying a bra!)
Short - Best suited to 5" glove needles.
Medium - Perfect for 6 -7" needles such as Crystal Palace.
Large - Ideal for 8" needles.
Each length comes in three cup sizes to suit the thickness of your needles:
Fine : 2 - 3 mm/ 0-3 US
Regular : 3.25 - 3.75 mm / 3-5 US
Chubby : 4 - 5 mm / 5 -8 US
If you are confused at this point: simply decribe to us the needles you wish to nurture and we'll work out the size you need!
Price (all sizes): $9.00 Cdn per Stitch-keeper.

Bamboo Needles

Crystal Palace - Double pointed needles - sets of 5.

Ritzy little sets of bamboo needles (resin impregnated for very long life). Slick, well pointed, firm yet yielding in a useful 6" length. Perfect for socks and mitts, these needles won't fall out of your knitting.
$11.50 Cdn - mm sizes:  2,  2.25,    2.5,   2.75,      3,  3.25,  3.5,  3.75 
- US sizes: 0, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5

Inox Express - Nickel Plated Circular Needles.

Smooth jointed, slick circulars, conveniently size stamped.
$11.50 Cdn
Lengths Available : 40 cm (16"), 60 cm (24"), 80 cm (32"), 100 cm (40")
Stocked sizes   size in mm :  2,      2.5,    3,  3.5,  3.75,  4,  4.5,  5,  5.5,  6
                US size    :  0,    1 1/2,    3,    4,     5,  6,    7,  8,    9, 10                   

Inox circulars (not Express)

$10.00 Cdn Available in 2.25mm and 2.75mm. in above lengths.
Please record both size and length when ordering.

Addi Turbos - Nickel Plated Circular Needles

Ultra-smooth joints and flexi cord, slick circulars. Size etched on. Available in lengths 40, 60. 80, 100cms / 16, 24, 32, 40 inches.
 2   2.5   3   3.25   3.5   3.75   4   4.5   5   5.5   6   6.5   7 mm

Note:From 4.5mm up, the shortest length stocked is 50cm / 20".
Please record both size and length when ordering.
Up to 6mm: $19.00 Cdn
Above 6mm: from $24.00 Cdn

Skacel Size 1.25mm / US 0000 20cm/8 inch double-pointed needles:

For Bead Bags, these are available as pairs or as sets of five.
Per pair: $6.00 Cdn
Set of five: $13.50 Cdn

Skacel Size 1.5mm / US 000 20cm/8 inch double-pointed needles:

For Wire Earrings, these are available as pairs or as sets of five.
Per pair: $6.00 Cdn
Set of five: $13.80 Cdn

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