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Soil & Water Conservation Society of Metro Halifax (SWCSMH)

Updated: September 23, 2020                      LIMNOLOGY


Img-pin.gif  The need to use accredited laboratories
Img-pin.gif  Our sampling protocols
Img-pin.gif  Chemical vs Biological monitoring in limnology

click  A selection of tests performed by laboratories

Img-pin.gif  Phosphorus species
Img-pin.gif  Chlorophyll a (Cha)
Img-pin.gif  Secchi disk (SD)
Img-pin.gif  Sampling modus operandi for standard limnological investigations (OECD)

click  Statistical tools

Img-pin.gif  List of Periodic Table Elements Sorted by Element Name

[Img-arrow-yellowblue.gif]  Narrative on water quality

The need to use accredited laboratories

  1. The need to use laboratories accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, a federal Crown corporation.

Statistical tools

Img-Blue_Arrow11F3.gif  Ordination Methods for Ecologists, Oklahoma State University

Img-Blue_Arrow11F3.gif  Ordination-related terms

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