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Select features of the CDS (Continuous Deflective Separation) Technologies Inc.

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Treatment of stormwater runoff

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CDS Technologies, Inc. has several extensive systems available for advanced stormwater treatment. This device is becoming quite popular with the development industry in HRM, NS.

The CDS technology is unique. It has been the subject of intensive research by leading world research groups, such as UCLA (University of California, Los Angels), University of Portland, Oregon, CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Organisation), Monash University, Australia and the CRCCH, Co-operative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology), Australia.

Brief history of the CDS technology:

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CDS Technologies designs, manufactures and installs Continuous Deflective Separation water pollution traps. These traps are a superior and cost effective technology to separate gross solids from liquids. Used in stormwater systems, sewer and combined sewer overflows and industrial processes, they will prevent pollution from reaching receiving waters.

The company can assist in formulating pollution-preventing urban stormwater management plans, for wet and dry weather flows, as well as providing primary screening services at sewer and combined sewer overflow release points. CDS Technologies’ product details, including traps for eliminating pollution from stormwater runoff and improving the quality of ocean and river waters can be found in CDS Technologies, Inc.

The development of a non-blocking, non-mechanical screening system that can process high flows (up to 300 cfs) enables the effective use of advanced process applications that depend on screened influent for successful operation. There are many applications in the water and wastewater industries.

Recommendation on possible applications/constraints of the CDS device from Walt Stein, P.E., Manager - Project Development, CDS Technologies, Inc., CA 95037:

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Stormwater Applications:

The following application list provides an overview of the beneficial applications of CDS units to treat stormwater runoff. Full copies of CRCCH Reports are available from the US Head Office or direct from the CRCCH in Melbourne, Australia.

CSO/SSO Applications:

Integrating Constructed Wetlands With Stormwater Management

(cf. Wong et al. 1999)

An example of a CDS device in series with a constructed wetland is illustrated in the PDF document of Monash University, Managing Urban Stormwater Using Constructed Wetlands.

[Img-red star] A typical stormwater management system--- Figure 1

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