The Midwifery Coalition of Nova Scotia is a consumer advocacy group. Our goal is for regulated midwifery services to be accessible to all families in Nova Scotia and to have these services funded through the public insurance plan (MSI)

For over thirty years the Midwifery Coalition has lobbied politicians, health ministers, health critics, and civil servants,
represented families voices in meetings with health authorities
participated in government sponsored task forces, working groups and committees
maintained a website with information on midwifery and links to other useful sites
organized public events and programs to let Nova Scotians know about midwifery

Please join us in this important work.

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Call the Dept of Health and Wellness

Tell them what you think of the current state of midwifery services—or lack of!
You can leave a voice mail with your feedback/wishes at 1-844-884-4177 or send them an email at

Board Meetings

We've been meeting via Google+ Hangout lately to reach across the province and it's working well. If you would care to join us we can make that happen. Send an email to and we'll include you in our next meeting.

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