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McNabs and Lawlor Islands

How should the islands be managed as parkland?

prepared by Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
and Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada

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Invitation to Participate

McNabs and Lawlor islands represent a truly outstanding park resource. Situated at the mouth of Halifax Harbour, these islands are rich in natural and historic values, and have great potential to provide a wide range of recreational opportunities on the doorstep of Nova Scotia's largest urban area, and to play an important role in supporting the local tourism economy.

To ensure that these invaluable resources are maintained and enhanced, the islands must be carefully protected, wisely managed and sensitively developed for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. To achieve this goal, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and the federal Department of Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada are seeking public comment to assist in preparing a future land use strategy for the two islands. This consultation process is part of both governments' commitment to protecting important heritage resources and improving the quality of life enjoyed by Nova Scotians and Canadians alike.

All interested parties are invited to attend a series of open houses and public hearings to make their suggestions and concerns known regarding the future management and development of the islands as parkland. All comments are welcome. Comments received will be considered in reaching a decision on an appropriate land use strategy for McNabs and Lawlor islands.


Don Downe, Minister
Department of Natural Resources

Michel Dupuy, Minister
Department of Canadian Heritage


This newsletter summarizes information that will help you understand the natural and historic values of McNabs and Lawlor islands and their potential as a park resource. It provides background information about the respective policy mandates of both Nova Scotia's Provincial Parks Program and the Department of Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada that relate to McNabs and Lawlor islands, describes the islands' special features and values, and identifies some preliminary planning issues as a basis for considering future land use options for the islands. The intent is to provide information that will assist interested parties in submitting comments or written briefs concerning the future management of McNabs and Lawlor islands as parkland (see schedule).

A Common Interest

The Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources and Department of Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada both share a common interest in the future protection and use of these islands based on their respective legislation and policy mandates. Nova Scotia's Provincial Parks Policy is directed toward preserving unique, rare or representative elements of the natural environment and scenic landscapes; providing more and varied opportunities for high quality outdoor recreation experiences in attractive natural settings; providing readily accessible opportunities for exploration, understanding and appreciation of our natural and cultural heritage; and, providing improved amenities for the travelling public.

Department of Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada's purpose is to fulfil national and international responsibilities in mandated areas of heritage recognition and conservation; and to commemorate, protect and present, both directly and indirectly, places which are significant examples of Canada's cultural and natural heritage in ways that encourage public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of this heritage, while ensuring long-term ecological and commemorative integrity.

Parks Canada plays a leading role in federal government activities related to recognizing places representative of Canada's natural heritage and places of national historic importance, and in protecting and presenting these places to the public. These heritage places must be managed in a manner that sustains them and respects their intrinsic values.

McNabs and Lawlor Islands
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The tabloid McNabs and Lawlor Islands prepared by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resouces and Parks Canada of Canadian Heritage in support of their Fall 1995 public consultation process.

This Internet version was prepared with permission by the Federation of Nova Scotia Naturalists (FNSN) and the Friends of McNabs Island Society (FOMIS).