Ten Reasons Why We Need Midwifery in Nova Scotia

1. Midwifery is safe.
Midwifery care has been shown to provide safe care for uncomplicated births.
2. Midwifery provides comprehensive primary health care services
Midwives offer community-based care throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and for six weeks postpartum. This includes: well-woman gynecological and maternity care; pre- and post-natal education and counseling; support and counseling for breastfeeding; parenting education; and care of the newborn.
3. Midwives are specialists in the care of healthy women and normal childbirth.
To quote Dr. Murray Enkin, retired obstetrician and professor emeritus at McMaster University, "As experts in normal pregnancy and birth, midwives offer an expertise that doctors, whose medical training is disease oriented, do not."
4. Midwives practice as part of a health care team.
As independent practitioners, midwives practice collaboratively and consult with medical specialists, other health care professionals and hospitals. They refer clients when necessary.
5. Midwifery is cost effective.
By improving birth outcomes, reducing the number of premature and low-birth-weight babies and reducing the number of medical interventions in childbirth, midwifery is cost effective in both the long and short term.
6. Midwifery care is flexible.
Midwifery services can be provided in a variety of settings, including hospitals, community-based birth centres or homes.
7. Midwives offer on-going support to mothers, babies and families.
Midwifery provides continuity of care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.
8. Midwives work in rural communities.
There are shortages of doctors in parts of rural Nova Scotia, and even where there currently is a doctor, women must sometimes travel out of their community for care in late pregnancy and childbirth.
9. Midwifery is family-centred.
Midwives work in partnership with women and their families, building a relationship based on respect and tailored to meet each woman's health, social and personal needs.
10. Midwifery care is a choice more families would like the opportunity to make.
In Ontario, the midwives currently licensed to practice are swamped by the demand for their services.