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          When people first get their CCN accounts, one of the first things they want to do is make a profile. "But wait," they say, "there's already a page there with my name and email address. That's enough isn't it? And I have to learn this HTML thingamabob..." But sometimes people get inspired to make something cool... make something that people would actually want to read, and put it up. This column is to highlight some of the best of these profiles and home pages on CCN. If you think your profile deserves mentioning, tell me about it, and I'll give it a look. I hope this encourages you all to make your profiles the best they can be!


          Norman De Forest's Home Page <af380> Sick of spam? Curious about viruses? Norman De Forest's profile has a lot of information on these and many other things. It has something for everyone. There's a section for parents, one for kids, a section for the disabled. He has a lot of very useful tips on using computers and CCN. If you're reading this with a graphical browser, you can read his protest page and see how CCNers see the Internet.

          Andrew D. Wright's Eclectic Resources <au141> Andrew Wright's page is a perfect example of how to make a profile look good with Lynx, but still use features of graphical browsers. He has many cool things on his page. Some examples are "Transtition", a very original story he wrote with links that are embedded in the story. Be sure to download "Eternal Life" (or at least attempt to), a program which will protect you from disease. (Really, I'm serious!) There's a lot of other very funny and useful things worth checking out.


          Many profiles are just links to other pages. When organized these can be very useful for finding what you want in the Internet.

          Lynn Allison's Home Page <aj290> Lynn Allison has a well structured set of links. They are split up into different sections, which is much better than having pages and pages of unorganized links. It says the last time it was updated, which is very handy. You can find links for anything you want, from sports to shopping, including some great educational links.

          Chris Dares' Bookmarks <CDares> Chris Dares has tonnes of organized links for everything from music to his Amiga computer. This is another good example of a links page. He has many links to great pages you might not find otherwise, like the Darwin Awards (funny but true deaths), and the very useful 1001 Uses for Duct Tape (quack quack).

Fun and Games

          Jono's Web Lagoon <ag815> There's surprisingly few profiles on CCN that feature computer games. Of the very few I found, Jono's is the best. If you like Warcraft II he has some levels he has made for it, his own pages on Hexen, and a classic games page. He has many links to other great sites for videogames.

Miscellaneous Links

          Cyber Chef's Cook Book <au517> Looking for something to cook tonight? Robert W. Keereweer's profile has an amazing amount of recipes and cooking tips. It's very well put together. You can find whatever recipe you want by choosing different topics. There's even tips on cooking Kraft Dinner...

          Homepage of Michael Smith <aa529> Feeling nostalgic? Check out Michael's groovy and hilarious homepage. Read his comments on society, read a 30 page story that he took 6 months to write, and find out which bands suck and don't. (I agree with him 100% about this.) But it isn't all just pointless stuff. He has some great Windows 95 utilities on his 42 Utils page, including the Start menu randomizer. Have a different Start menu name all the time!

          My Homepage <at555> Hey I couldn't forget me could I? What's wrong with a little blatant self promotion? Here I have a game I made a few years ago that you can download. It's not very good, but it's the first game I ever made. Chances are around 50% it will work on your computer.


          If you decide to spruce up your profile, there's some things you should remember. You can't just write the file like you would write a document in a word processor. You have to write it in a format called HTML.

          If you primarily use Netscape or IE to surf the net, make sure that the page looks good with Lynx, the browser that CCN uses. Read these tips on how to make your profile Lynx compatible. If you use Lynx, try to make sure that your profile looks good with Netscape and IE. (If you have the chance).


You may direct comments or suggestions about this column to:

Jonathan G. Sharkey,  at555@chebucto.ns.ca

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