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A mélange of useful links from the sublime to the comedic. See the weather, translate anything, read the comics and tour the cosmos. You can pet Dock the Virtual Cat, bone up on nanotechnology and ubiquitous computing, and look up "paradigm", all right here!
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     "On the planet Tranquille around KM849 (G-0) lives a little animal known as a "knafn". It is herbivorous and has no natural enemies and is easily approached and may be petted - sort of a six legged puppy with scales. Stroking it is very pleasant; it wiggles its pleasure and broadcasts euphoria in some band that humans can detect. It's worth the trip.

     Someday some bright boy will figure out how to record this broadcast, then some smart boy will see commercial angles - and not long after that it will be regulated and taxed.

     In the meantime I have faked that name and catalog number; it is several thousand light years off in another direction. Selfish of me...."

From the Notebooks of Lazarus Long

What's the wisest thing I ever read?

Use Tor and surf the web without leaving a trail.

The Reference Shelf: Everything from a Universal Translator to a Disinformation Search Engine. Check out movies, music, CSICOP, stock prices, and dozens of links to millions of sites. If you can't find it here, it isn't to be found. Featuring the Dogpile Multiple Search Engine Tool Onsite!
Space: Get to know the neighborhood. See current satellite views of the Earth, tour the Solar System, check the mission status reports of interplanetary probes and more!
Diversions!: Read the daily comics, download games from Happy Puppy, watch cartoons, check out live web camera views from around the planet and pass time in a multitude of diverse ways.
The Advanced Research Page: The most innovative and unusual sites that I could find. Catch up on the latest advances in nanotechnology and check out the homepages of people like Marvin Minsky, Douglas Rushkoff, and Douglas Adams.
"Transtition" by Andrew D. Wright An original Hypertext Fiction SF short story by yours personally. Revised for easier reading! [NEW!]
Download Eternal Life: Exclusive from Fauxever.plt the freeware version of Eternal Life. You can now live for centuries without a heavy startup cost. Isn't science amazing? [New!]
My Now-Outdated Websites Page Still listed here for my own use. Dead link alert!
Find out about yours personally and meet Dock the Virtual Cat.

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