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          We need new submissions! If you have (or know of) a web site on CCN that you think that should be in here, let Mike Cormier know about it!


What's a User Profile?

          When people first get their CCN accounts, one of the things they may want to do is add to their Profile page, and then learn this HTML thingamabob. Sometimes people get inspired to make something Big ... make something that people would actually want to read, and put it up. This column is to highlight some of the best of these Profiles and Home Pages on CCN. If you think this sounds like your CCN Home Page, tell me about it and I'll give it a look.



          Ronald Blanchard <ai020> Ronald has collected information about the genealogy of the Blanchard family and other family names in the Atlantic provinces. Ronald has put together a collection of links to genealogy related web sites in Atlantic Canada. Who knows, maybe you can find your family tree on one of the sites!

          Michael J. Adams <ac139> Michael offers us all his starting points for surfing the "World Wide Space Age Hi-Tech Cyber-Info Super-Bahn of the 90's". Warning: This page is Real Weird, and contains links to tasteless web sites that are not suitable for a general audience.

          Lloyd Bernard Woods <ag476> Lloyd has put together a great set of International travel-related links for us all. He has everything from the Canadian/U.S. exchange rate to Stamp Trader. Take a look!

          Brian Skinner <ai251> Brian has built an amazing site that receives over 5000 hits per day (how'd he do that?). Brian also edits his Scoobyland web page and has a humor column web site called the "Comedy Emporium". This page is great!

          Christopher Majka <aa051> Christopher is the Editor in Chief of the Chebucto Community Net, and is a member of its Information Provider committee. On his web page we can find information on everything from basic internet skills to the Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia. Christopher also created the web site for Symphony Nova Scotia, which won the Study Web Academic Excellence Award. Take a look at these sites and the many others he has links to.



          If you decide to spruce up your Profile page, there's some things you should remember. You can't just write the file like you would write a document in a word processor. You have to write it in a format called HTML.

          If you primarily use Netscape or Internet Explorer to surf the net, don't forget it's a good idea to make sure your page also works on Lynx, the text-only browser that CCN uses. This is not only for the benefit of people on CCN but also people on other community nets, university students with text-only dialup accounts, people with slower modems surfing with their images turned off and anyone using a text-to-speech reader. Read these tips on how to make your Profile Lynx compatible. If you use Lynx, try to make sure that your Profile looks good with Netscape and IE too. (If you have the chance.)


You may direct comments or suggestions about this column to:

Mike Cormier, aq421@chebucto.ns.ca


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