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My name is Ranald Blanchard, known as Rannie, and my interests include genealogy. I am researching the descendents, both male and female, of Col.JOTHAM and ELIZABETH (TREADWELL) BLANCHARD, who came to Truro, NS after the War of Independence from the present day New Hampshire/Mass. border area, their children and families noted in Chapter 37 of Miller's 1873 book 'Historical and Genealogical Record of Colchester County'. Here is a site with the surname index of Miller's book.

The ancestry of Jotham is outlined as "Joseph Blanchard and His Descendants" by J. Crawford Hartman, in The New England Historical & Genealogial Register, Volume 93, April 1939 (Part I) pgs 162-170 and July 1939, (Part II) pgs.229-237.

My great grandfather, H.Percy Blanchard, had gathered text on Col. Jotham's ancestors back to the arrival of Joseph in Boston in 1637, and his supposed brother, Thomas, in 1639 (DNA testing has shown they were not brothers). Descendents of Col. Jotham, may also be found in the McCurdy book which H. Percy edited; and in the book 'The History of The Town of Antigonish' by D.G.Whidden, himself a descendent, down thru Col. Jotham's daughter, Elizabeth.

Much of this work can be seen in the Blanchard files of Dick Cannings in Naramata, BC. One part of the Blanchard lineage is that of the wife of another researcher, Albert Belanger, shown on Albert Belanger's homepage

Archie Campbell of Manitoba has a page dedicated for McCurdy researchers.

Many family trees do not follow the female members after they marry and only appear male dominant. My research has these female members included and along with the Blanchard name, I am collecting material as to descendents of their spouses.

Other surname lineage material regarding Miller's book can be found on the Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association page.

Since June 1996, I have been in contact with over 50 other persons searching the Blanchard ancestry in the U.S. and trying to solve the puzzle of prior their coming to the States. The group has formed a BLANCHARD family Discussion List with Fletcher Blanchard of Northville, NY as 'mentor' and who I met on his short visit to Nova Scotia in Sept/96.

Other members are researching the lineage of Thomas Blanchard who came to America in 1639, such as in this file The HUNT Phamplet.

The Blanchard List Database Page has collections of researchers, but as any resource you find, it is always good to note the material and check it out yourself. The Blanchard DNA Project is looking for people of various Blanchard lineages. John Chandler (who visited briefly) is looking after it. I have submitted to it and hope others will, to try and find out just how close the Acadian lineage is to the others, American, English, and French.
Sometimes everyone comes up blank so I have a page for some ongoing queries.

Also there is that question of Which Genealogy Program is better for you?

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Sites with Genealogical Material

Search OurRoots which has many scanned books, such as the histories of the counties of:
1910 edition of Eaton's History of Kings County
Yarmouth by George Brown OR by John Roy Campbell

Department of Veterans' Affairs - This is the place to start if you are looking for war records.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Historical USGS Maps of New England and New York You need a viewer for this site which has a 1956 series map which show cemeteries and hopes to be able to allow certain area downloads rather than the whole map.

Other pages of people researching the Blanchard surname:

  1. Acadian lineage of Ronald J. Blanchard of Marrero, Louisiana
  2. Steve Fleming's ancestry has a compilation regarding Acadian Blanchard research: Jean Blanchard was born 1611 in Martaize, Vienne, France, and died Aft 1686 in Acadia. He married Radegonde Joy Lambert Abt 1642 in Port Royal, Acadia.
  3. BLANCHARD AND BLANSHARD FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY The Blanc/shard Family History Society (a non-profit making society) was founded in April 1996 and exists to gather and promote the sharing of information regarding the Blanchard and Blanshard families.
  4. Blanchard (GenForum)
  5. Homepage of Fletcher Blanchard of Northville, NY (USA)
  6. Homepage of Norman Vance of Olivet, MI (USA)
  7. Frank Dyer of, Enfield, Ct., who has indexed and transcribed "THE GENEALOGIES OF THE FAMILIES OF BRAINTREE, MASS." (to WORD PERFECT 5.1 format) which was compiled by Waldo C. Sprague of Wollaston, Mass. and includes families from 1640-1850 from "old" BRAINTREE and the modern towns of RANDOLPH, HOLBROOK and QUINCY after the separation from Braintree in 1792-3.
  8. Blanchard-Denio-Shaw Family Histories [52 screens] Prepared by Howard Poole, Dowagiac, MI (USA)
  9. Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County

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