Y2K and Other Computers


- Apple Macintosh -

          Apple is rather smug about the Macintosh and Y2K compliance. They maintain that their hardware is totally compliant. Their Product Index is a comprehensive list of their products with the test results for each one. You will still need to check out the Y2K compliance of any third-party software however. Another good reference is Stephen Marshall's "The Macintosh Computer and the Year 2000 Problem" site at: http://www.vuw.ac.nz/~marshall/Official/Documentation/Mac_Y2K.html.


- The Chebucto Community Net -

          The computers and operating system comprising the Chebucto Community Net are year 2000 compliant. The Chebucto Technical Committee is currently confirming that all file systems and databases are compliant and expect this process to be completed long before the end of December.


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