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          Y2K: the year 2000 problem. Here is a collection of information and resources to help you along. This section will be included in each Beacon this year and is the most up-to-date site of its kind.

          Please note that neither the Chebucto Community Net or the Beacon is responsible for any off-site page content and the listing of any site, product or service does not constitute any form of endorsement.

August - September 1999 Edition


Y2K: An Overview
What's going on? What does it mean to me? What can I do? Some answers to these questions can be found here in this updated article.

Y2K and Your PC Hardware
Is your PC computer year 2000 compliant? Here's a step-by-step guide for you to test it yourself.

Y2K PC Test Programs
A listing of sites with programs to test your PC computer for you.

Y2K and Microsoft Windows
What you need to do to fix Microsoft Windows versions 98, 95, CE, 3.11, and 3.1.

Hardware Vendors and Y2K
A listing of computer hardware vendors and their web sites. Where do you go to find information on your computer equipment? Try looking here.

Software Vendors and Y2K
A listing of computer software vendors and their web sites. Are your computer's programs Y2K compliant? See what the makers have to say.

Year 2000 Information Links
The Beacon list of Year 2000 web sites divided up into Local (Nova Scotia), National (Canada) and International categories. See for yourself what the leading business, government and consumer sites have to say. Regularly Updated!

Y2K and Other Computers
Not every computer is a PC.


         This section written by Andrew D. Wright with contributed links from Norman De Forest, Edward Dyer, Audrey Samson, and Arved Sandstrom.


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