The following 1818 membership list is taken directly from:
A.D. Steele and Grace McLeod Rogers. One hundred years with the Baptists of Amherst N.S., 1810 to 1919: a brief summary of the centenary proceedings of the First Baptist Church, reproduced on CIHM microfiche no. 65785.

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Baxter, Anugustus

Bent, Lucy

Black, Thomas Stokes Trustee
Black, William Freeze Trustee

Boss, Deborah

Boss, George

Boss, John

Cameron, Hannah

'"Moved to Canada"

Donkin, Margaret

Fage, Samuel

Freeman, Joshua

'"Moved to Canada
Freeman, Rufus Trustee
Freeman, Samuel Trustee
Freeman, William Trustee

Freman, Desiah

Freman, Philip

'"Moved to Canada"

Grant, Elizabeh

Holmes, Zerabal

McCully, Samuel

Porter, Elizabeth

Seaman, Elizabeth

Seaman, Isabella

Seaman, Robert

Terris, Sarah

'"Moved to Canada"

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