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The Nova Scotia Genealogy Resources page list of Frequently Asked Questions is here. 

Province-wide Resources:

Genealogical Organizations:

The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia has a homepage with links to other Provincial societies and other useful resources.
Also check out the Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association which includes the homepages of other N.S. Historical and Genealogical Organizations.

Online Resources:

N.S. GenWeb Project

The Nova Scotia GenWeb Project.

For the benefit of those researchers unfamiliar with the geography of Nova Scotia, here is a map showing the boundaries of the various counties and the principle towns and other communities in each county.

My article on the genealogical use of published law reports originally appeared in the Nova Scotia Genealogist, Summer 1994 (issue XII/2). While the examples focus upon Nova Scotia, the sources and research principles discussed are more broadly applicable to other jurisdictions.

An incomplete list of Nova Scotia burials, 1946 - 2006, extracted from published Court Decisions.

A contributed article on the use of marriage bonds as a source for information.


Some former Nova Scotia residents have received memorials in other provinces:
William Campbell 1758-1834 Toronto, Ontario
Alex Fancy   Sackville, New Brunswick
Leonard Gaetz


Red Deer, Alberta

Russell Hulbert

d. 1934

Edmonton, Alberta

Cereno Jones Kelly


Victoria, British Columbia

The grave of the oldest man in Canada?

The marriage certificate of Aldershot Camp and Annie Catherine Carter (Halifax, 1955).

The baptismal certificate for Edward Hughey Conrad (1817).

Miscellaneous Links:

Nova Scotia Archives, formerly the Public Archives of Nova Scotia (PANS).

Blupete's Genealogy Page has a wide range of relevant Nova Scotia resources.

These pages are included with Cyndi's list of genealogy sites for Nova Scotia.

A recent article addresses the question DNA testing kits: What are the privacy risks?

Colchester County Resources:

County Wide

The Colchester County GenWeb Project.

The Colchester Historeum, formerly the Colchester Museum and Archives.

An inventory of Colchester County Church Records held at NSARM.

Economy/Five Islands

An index to the 1861 census for the polling district of Economy and Five Islands.

Extracts from the 1864-65/1866-67 Provincial Directory for Economy and Five Islands.

Londonderry/Acadia Mines

Here is a partial DAVIDSON family genealogy (ca. 1762 - 1978).

A partial list of Irish immigrants to Colchester County from October 1761.

Many years ago, I extracted all the birth, marriage, and death notices from the surviving issues of the Weeks Doings and Londonderry Times held at NSARM. These cover the town of Londonderry (Acadia Mines), in Colchester County, for the period 1886 to 1889 (with many gaps). There are also some references to other communities in the Maritimes as well. The index is in WordPerfect 5.1 format (as was then the standard).

A list of the officers of the Acadia Mines Athletic and Mutual Improvement Association (1891).


A list of deaths at Stewiacke (1786-1847).


Some early Truro vital statistics (1760-1775).

List of the founding members of the Truro First Presbyterian Church (1770).

List of the founding members of the Truro First Baptist Church (1858).

A Truro business directory from 1900.

Cumberland County Resources:

County Wide

Here is the Cumberland County GenWeb Project, the Cumberland County Genealogical Society, and the Cumberland County Museum and Archives

Check out the Webb Page -- dedicated to the WEBB family of Cumberland County (and places far beyond).

A partial list of Cumberland County deaths, 1862 - 2016, as extracted from published Court Decisions.

A partial business directory for the Cumberland County communities of Amherst, Oxford, Parrsborro, Springhill, and Wallace (1898).

A list of some Cumberland County men who fought in the South African War (1900).

Some brief biographies of prominent Cumberland County residents (1932).

An excerpt from The Social Register of Canada (1958 edition) for Cumberland County residents.

A list of Century Farm award recipients in Cumberland County (1969).

An incomplete directory Physicians and Dentists in Cumberland County (1980).


Scattered death records (1818-1969) from First Baptist Church in Amherst.

An early membership roll (1818) for First Baptist Church in Amherst.

A list of the officers of the Cumberland Bible Society (1849).

A list of graduates from the Cumberland County Academy, 1893-1898.

An Amherst business directory from 1900.

Located in Downtown Amherst, there are several biographical plaques that commemorate famous Cumberland County residents:
Edward Chandler (1800-1880)
Robert Dickey (1811-1903)
Jonathan McCully (1809-1877)
Charles Tupper (1821-1915)

Former Amherst resident and iron worker Walter R. Porter was killed during the construction of the Confederation Bridge between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Musician Ray Legere was born in Amherst in 1965. He is commemorated by a plaque located on the Sackville, New Brunswick, Arts Wall.


Memorial/biographical plaque for Jacob (Jacques) Bourgeois. He was the founder, ca. 1672, of the Village of Beaubassin.


An index to genealogy articles published in the Oxford Journal, mostly for the Pugwash area.


Memorial/biographical plaque for Isabel Conway (Murray) Simpson (1900-2003). She was a nurse and long-time community volunteer.

Anne Murray's birth registration record (1945).


A transcript of the the return of the West Chester Loyalists, October 15, 1784.

A directory of residents of Wallace, Wentworth, and vicinity, 1864 to 1867.

The Remsheg Loyalists 225th Anniversary reunion was held in June 2008.


A list of Westchester residents, 1864-1871, derived from various published directories.

Some random gleanings from various Cumberland County records, mainly for the Westchester area.

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Please note that this site is provided as a repository of information only. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer specific individual questions about particular families! The GANS page includes a list of certified researchers available for hire.

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