I very much enjoyed my visit to Vancouver in May 2008, but the almost incessant rain made it difficult to take too many pictures. I was mainly in the West End and Downtown.

The University of Oregon Libraries online exhibit Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest includes some photographs of Vancouver.

Public Buildings

Vancouver Public Library #1

I just love this building. It reminds me very much of the Colosseum in Rome.

Vancouver Public Library #2

The building was constructed in 1995. The architect was Moshe Safdie & Associates.

Vancouver Art Gallery

This building was originally construced in 1906; it was extensively rennovated into the Art Gallery in 1983. The architect for these rennovations was Arthur Erickson.

Miscellaneous Buildings

Sylvia Hotel #1

This heritage building was built in 1912 as the Syliva Court Apartments. The architect was William P. Whyte. Note the palm trees in the foreground.

Sylvia Hotel #2


Downtown Flagship Hudson's Bay store


The buildng was constructed in 1913, and extensively enlarged in 1926.

West End Apartment Building

I really like the checkerboard design on the front of this building.

West End Store

There is no shortage of houses with attached store-fronts, but I liked the both the overall design and the colour scheme of this place.

The Quebe

I like the horizontal separation between the base and the main body of the building. Built in 1969 as the Westcoast Transmission Building, it was rennovated into condos in 2005. The original architects were Rhone & Iredale; Bogue Babicki Associates.

This page is part of my Canadian Architectural Photographs collection.

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