This section includes various photos of interesting buildings located in various small towns (and villages) throughout New Brunswick.

Gagetown, New Brunswick

I visited this village in August 2008.


Base Gagetown Community History Association Monument

This monument depicts the communities in Queen's County that were expropriated to establish CFB Gagetown in 1953. It is located directly next to the courthouse museum.

Hampton, New Brunswick

I visited this town in September 2012, and again in June 2017.

House #1

House #2

Kings County Courthouse

This building was built in 1872. The architect was local resident J.T.C. McKean.

Old Jail

This building now houses the local museum and Community Library.

Old Town Hall

This building now houses commercial office space. The new Town Hall was built in 1967 as a Centennial project.

St Paul's Anglican Church

St. Martin's, New Brunswick

I visited this village in August 2011.

Irish River Bridge

This is one of the many famous covered bridges in New Brunswick.

Weslan Inn

St. William's (Roman Catholic) Church

The Church was established in 1847; this building was constructed in 1900. It is currently a Mission Church, attached to St. Joseph's Parish in Saint John.

Sussex, New Brunswick

I visited this town in September 2012, July 2013, and again in October 2015.

Buttercup and Daisy

They can be seen on the outskirts of the town.

Dominion Building

This building was built in 1883.

Evangel Assembly


St. Paul's United Church

This Church was constructed in 1968.

Trinity Anglican Church


King's County Record Building

This is the the local newspaper.

Sharp's Corner Drugstore

This business was established in 1897.

Old Commercial Building


"Broad Gables"


House #1

I absolutely love the Victorian "tower" on the right-hand side.

House #2

This building now houses commercial offices.

House #3

The modern satellite dishes and the electrical meters really spoil the otherwise beautiful facade.

House #4


Sackville, New Brunswick

I visited this town in July 2013, May 2014, and once again in June 2017.

Sackville United Church

Formerly Methodist; this building was constructed ca. 1875

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

The present structure was erected in 1905.

St. Paul's Anglican Church

This church was construced in 1856; it is an example the Gothic Revival style of architecture.

Mount Allison University Chapel


Ford Block

This building was built by merchant George E. Ford in 1894. It was originally a department store.

Henderson Block

This building was built by Henry Fawcett and A.B. Copp in 1900.

Mel's Tea Room

This building is a good example of Classical Revival commercial architecture; it was built in 1912. The Tea Room opened at this location in 1945.

Wood Block

This Romanesque Revival-style building was built in 1914.

Public Library

This library opened in March 1984. The architect was Parsons Designs Ltd.

Town Hall

This building has served many different functions since its construction in 1924.

Joseph F. Allison House

It was built by local merchant Joseph Francis Allison in 1841, and rennovated into its current form in 1997.

House #1


House #2


House #3


House #4


St. Andrew's, New Brunswick

I visited this town in August 2008.

All Saint's (Anglican) Church

The Algonquin #1

The Algonquin Resort opened in 1889; it was significantly expanded in 1908. It was originally constructed (and operated) by the Canadian Pacific Railway company.

The Algonquin #2

I really like towers...

The Algonquin #3

...and archways

Ross Memorial Library


As of 2017, this historic estate is used for an artists' residency.

Kingston, New Brunswick

I visited this village in August 2014.

Trinity (Anglican) Church

Built in 1789, this is the oldest Anglican church in New Brunswick. The steeple was added in 1809. The building was enlarged and refurbished in about 1852.

Kingston General Merchants

This building, originally named Union House, was built in 1788 for John London.

Bouctouche, New Brunswick

I visited this town in August 2014.

Irving Memorial Chapel

This non-denominational chapel was dedicated in 2004.

St. John the Baptist (Roman Catholic) Church

This church was built about 1955.

Office Building

Note the old-style spelling of the name of the town on the sign. This building may once have been the Town Hall.

Foyer J. M. Allain

I like the trim details along the roof line.

House #1

This is another house with interesting woodwork; note especially the shutters.

Vintage Irving Sign

While this particular photo was not actually taken in Bouctouche, I include it here because this town was the site of the very first Irving gas station.

Aulac, New Brunswick

This is a tiny hamlet in Westmorland County. I passed through in June 2015.

Tourist Bureau

I like the triangular entrance way. Some other New Brunswick tourist bureaus share a similar design.

Quispamsis, New Brunswick

This town is a residential suburb of Saint John. There are very few buildings there that posess any architectural merit.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

This Church was constructed in 1922, and enlarged in the early-1990s. It is formally called the Parish of Hammond River.

Oromocto, New Brunswick

I visited this town in September 2015. It is adjacent to the huge CFB Gagetown military installation. There are very few historic buildings, at least in the Downtown area.

St. John's (Anglican) Church

This Church was constructed in about 1923. It is very unusual to see a church constructed out of cement blocks.

Woodstock, New Brunswick

I visited this town in September 2015 and again in July 2016. There are many historic buildings located throught the Dowtown area. These are some of the better examples.

St. Gertrude's (Roman Catholic) Church

This Church was built in 1926 under the guidance of Rev. Francis Lockary.

St. James United Church

Formerly Methodist, this Romanesque Revival-style church was built in 1908. The architect was H. H. Mott.

St. St Luke's (Anglican) Church

This church was constructed in 1884.

Woodstock Baptist Church

This Church was constructed in 1885. It was enlarged and modified in 1906.

Carleton County Courthouse

This building was constructed in two phases, between 1889 and 1909. The architects were J. G. Fletcher and F. Neil Brodie, respectively.

L. P. Fisher Library

Named for the town's first mayor, this building was completed in 1914. It was designed by architect Ernest Fairweather. The modern expansion is just visible on the left-side of the building.

House #1

Unlike most of the historic houses in town, this building lacks a plaque outlining its signicance.

Judge Jones House

This house was built in 1856-1857. It is considered to belong to the "picturesque cottage style", a variation on Gothic.

Rothesay, New Brunswick

This is a small village located on the outskirts of Saint John. I visited briefly in July 2016.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Roman Catholic) Church

This Church was constructed in 2003.

St. Paul's (Anglican) Church


Rothesay Common Arch

This structure was erected in 2005 by the Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club to mark the centennial of Rotary International.

Kingsley, New Brunswick

I have never actually visted this rural community, located North of Frederiction, but I still wanted to share this illustration.

Kingsley United Baptist Church


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