This section includes various photos of interesting buildings in Moncton, New Brunswick. I have visited this city several times, most recently in May 2014, June 2015, and June 2017.


Congregation Tiferes Isreal

Construction of this building was finished in 1927.

First Presbyterian Church

This building was constructed in 1928. As of May 2014, the building was vacant, and it was listed for sale.

First United Baptist Church


Free Meeting House

Constructed in 1821, this is the oldest building in Moncton. It served a wide variery of different religious congretations until 1963.

Highfield Baptist Church

This Church was built in 1883.

St. Bernard's (Roman Catholic) Church

This church was constructed between 1888 and 1891.

St. George's (Anglican) Church

This Church was built in 1932. It was designed by C.A. Fowler and Company of Halifax.

St. John's (United) Church

Formerly Presbyterian; this Church was rebuilt in 1915, following a fire in February 1914.

Sunny Brae United Baptist Church



Dr. Ambrose R. Myers House

This building was built in 1904.

Thomas Williams House

This building was built in 1883. It is a fine example of Second Empire architectural style, and it is a designated municipal heritage site.

House #1


House #2


House #3

Note especially the small annex on the right side of the main building.

House #4

I love the left-right symmetry, and especially the various trim details.

Historic Buildings

British Empire Service League Building

This building was built in 1949. The architects were C. A. Fowler & Co. It is currently occupied by a Francophone theatre group.

Marven's Building

This building was built in 1882 as a cotton mill. Bewteen 1916 and 1978, it was home to the Marven's Biscuit Company. It was rennovated in the late 1980s into commercial office space.

Masonic Temple

This building was built in 1924. I really like the circular windows on the upper story.

Merchant's Bank (of Halifax) Building

This building was built ca. 1899. It became the Royal Bank of Canada in 1901.

Transcript Building

This building was built in 1900.

Modern Buildings

Apartment Building

I rather like the various shades of gray used for the facade.

City Hall


Moncton Public Library

The Public Library occupies space in a Downtown commercial/office building; it is not a freestanding structure.

Queen Building

This building was built in 1953.

Scotiabank Building

Formerly the Bank of Nova Scotia, this building was built ca. 1968.


Welcome to Dieppe Sign

Dieppe is a suburban town located immediately to the East of Moncton. It is home to the Champlain Mall.

Downtown Riverview Sign

Riverview is another suburban town. It is located directly across the Petitcodiac River from Moncton.

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