Banff, Alberta is a small mountain town located entirely within the bounds of a National Park. It has an interesting mix of old and new buildings. I visited this town in July 2015.


Banff Park Church


Full Gospel Church


Rundle Memorial United Church

This Church is named for pioneer Methodist missionary Robert Rundle (1811-1896). He came to Banff about 1841.

St. George's-In-The-Pines (Anglican) Church

The architect for this church was F. P. Oakley of Manchester, England. The building was constructed in several stages between 1889 and 1926.

St. Mary's of the Assumption (Roman Catholic) Church

This Church was built in 1951. It was designed by the parish priest, Fr. R. McGuinness.

St. Paul's (Presbyterian) Church

This Church was built in 1930. The architect was D. S. McIlroy of Calgary.

Houses and Apartments

Moose & Beaver Building


Mountain Manor


House #1

I quite the like diamond-shaped window just under the roof-line.

House #2


House #3

Between the faded turquoise and the oddly painted front doors, this house just screams late-1960s design!

Sibbald Residence

This house was designed and built in 1915 by Canadian Pacific Railway engineer Harvey Wright.

Commercial Buildings

Bank of Montreal Building


Brewster Transport Company Building

This "Art Moderne"-style building was built in 1939. The architects were the firm of Fordyce and Stevenson.

Shell Gas Station

Even otherwise utilitatian commercial buildings in Downtown Banff have to conform to formal architectural guidelines, so as to fit the character of the town.


Note the mountains in the background.


Banff Public Library

The Library is located on the lower level of a municipal building.

Cascade Lodge

This building was constructed in 1924.

Heritage Train Station

This building dates from 1910, but it has recently been restored and rennovated. Regular passenger rail service ceased in the early-1990s, but the facility is still used fo special excursion trains. It also serves as the local bus depot.

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