Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is the Provincial Capital, and the largest City on the Island. I visited there in June 2015. Most of these photographs were taken in the Downtown core, and its immediate environs.


Calvary Church

This Church is associated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

The Central Christian Church

This building dates from 1900. Note the round, Chateau Style tower above the front entrance.

First Baptist Church

This building was constructed in 1958, and it offcially opened in May, 1959.

St. Dunstan's Basilicia

This building dates from 1919; it is the fourth Roman Catholic Church building to occupy the site. It represents the High Victorian Gothic Revival style of church architecture. The architect was John Hunter. It was elevated to the status of a basilicia in 1929.

St. Paul's (Anglican) Church

This Church was built in 1896. The architect was William C. Harris. The twin octagonal vestries that flank the main entrance were added in 1920. The access ramp at the front entrance was constructed in 1979.

Spring Park United Church

Trinity United Church

Formerly a Wesleyan Methodist congregation; this building was dedicated in November, 1864.

Zion Presbyterian Church

This Church was built in 1911-1913.


Canadian Mental Health Association: PEI Division



This spectacular Georgian-style house was constructed in 1839, though various additions and changes have been made by subsequent owners. The enclosed sun porch over the front entrance was added in 1929.


Also known as the George Longworth House, this structure daes from 1897. It is now a small hotel.

House #1


House #2

I especially like the arched front entrance.

House #3


House #5


House #6

This Downtown house has obviously been modified multiple times over the years. The asymetery of the facade suggests that the structure may once have been significantly wider.

House #7



Wellner/Andrew House

This building was constructed in 1878.

William Butcher House

This building was constructd ca. 1845.

Commercial Buildings

Bonded Warehouse

This building was built in 1860. During prohibition on Prince Edward Island (1901-1948), it was used to store alcohol for re-export. It now houses various offices.

Connolley Block

This building was built in 1889.

Corner Store

Between 1933 and 1977, this building was occuped by Michael's Groceteria. I like how the structure fits to the roughly triangular shpe of the lot.

DesBrisay Block

This building was built in 1901.

Peter Pan Restaurant

This establishment opened in 1957, and it closed in 2012.

Railway Car Shop

This building was constructed ca. 1906 by the Montreal firm of E.A. Wallberg. It was originally used to construct and repair railway cars. Railway service ceased on the Island in 1989. Extensive rennovations to the building were undertaken in 2001.

Vintage Gas Station

This used to be an Irving Oil Gas Station. It was constructed ca. 1930, and it continued in business until 2008. The architect was Samuel Roy from Bouctouche, New Brunswick. Several stations were built to this plan across the Maritimes, but very few remain. The corner tower feature was influenced by the Queen Anne Revival style.


Confederation Centre Public Library

This building was built in 1964; it is part of the larger Confederatioon Centre of the Arts, which also includes a theatre and art gallery.

Fitzroy Centre

I do not know its history, but this building represents the Art Deco style, especially the curved walls by the main entrance.

Peake House

Buillt ca. 1836, this building is named for prominent merchant and shipbuilder James Ellis Peake. It was converted into office space in 1978. It now houses the Crown Attorney's Office.

Province House

This Neo-Classical building was designed by local architect Isaac Smith. Construction was finished in 1847.

SDU Place

Originally built as the Bishop's Place between 1872 and 1875, it now serves various functions for the Diocese. The architect was John Corbett.

Sir Louis Henry Davies Law Courts

This unimpressive structure was built in 1978-1979. It was significantly rennovated and modernized in 1998-1999. The original architects were Cochrane and Forsyth of Halifax.

Unidentified Building #1


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