I briefly visited Medicine Hat in August 2016. Most of these photographs were taken in the Downtown core and the immediate vicinity.


Fifth Avenue Memorial United Church

Fifth Avenue (Methodist) Church was constructed in 1912, and significant expansion was added in 1957.

St. Barnabas (Anglican) Church

The brick church now in use was built in 1912, under the direction of Architect J.T. Tague of Calgary.

St. John's (Presbyterian) Church

This building was built in 1901-02, and it was expanded and rennovated in 1964 and 1965.


Ewart Duggan House

This house was built in 1887 by John Ewart. It is the oldest standing brick home in Alberta.

House #1


House #2


Commercial Buildings

Hull Block

This building was constructed in 1912 for local businessman William Roper Hull. It reflects the Edwardian Commercial style. The architect was F. J. Lawson of Calgary.

Medalta Potteries factory

The factory was constructed in about 1912, and it ceased operations in 1954. Note the unusually shaped kilns on the left-side of the building.

Medcine Hat Monumental Company building


Monarch Theatre



Court of Queen's Bench

This building was constructed in 1920. It was designed by Provincial Architect Richard Blakey. It reflects the Beaux-Arts style. The building was substantially rennovated and expanded in 1978 unde rthe guidance of local architectural firm Russell and Needham.

Medicine Hat Public Library




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