There are so many wonderful old (and new) buildings in Victoria that this website includes only a very small sampling.

The University of Oregon Libraries online exhibit Building Oregon: Architecture of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest includes numerous photographs of Victoria.


St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church

This church was was constructed in 1889.

James Bay United Church
Church of Our Lord

This church was built in the Gothic Revival style in 1875. The architect was John Teague. It is the oldest church building in Victoria still located on its original site.

Miscellaneous Buildings:

Belmont Building
City Hall
The Empress Hotel was built between 1904 and 1908. It was originally owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Originally opened in 1911, the James Bay Inn is the third-oldest hotel in Victoria. I stay there whenever I am in town.
Ocean River Sports
Presumably this was formerly an industrial building of some sort.
Strathcona Hotel
Sussex Building #1
Sussex Building #2
Tourist Bureau
The tower was reportedly constructed for the benefit of seaplanes landing in the Innher Harbour.
Unidentified Building #1

Provincial Government Buildings:

The British Columbia Legislature, built 1894-1897
The main branch of the Greater Victoria Public Library shares a building with several other Provincial Government offices. This is the main entrance.
The Queen's Printer Building is a wonderful example of Art Deco style, even if the function of the building is more industrial.
Located close to the Legislature, the Douglas Building houses Government offices. I really love the marble around the front entrace.
The British Columbia Archives building is located adjacent to the Royal B.C. Museum. Not visible in this picture is the "moat" that mostly surrounds the front of the building.

The building at 431 Menzies Street, near the Legislature, houses various Provincial Government offices.


The Emily Carr House
I love the architectural details on this house. It is located directly across the street from the James Bay Inn.

This file is part of my Canadian Architectural Photographs collection.

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