I was very briefly in Saskatoon for a visit in September, 2005. This is a selection of photographs of some of the more interesting buildings that I saw when I was there.


First Baptist Church

St. John's Cathederal #1

St. John's Cathederal #2

St. Paul's Cathederal

Other Buildings

Apartment Building #1

Apartment Building #2

Old Land Titles Building

Board of Education Building

Saskatoon Shopper Building

Saskatoon Public Library

(main branch)

Sturdy-Stone Centre

This example of Brutalist architecture is apparently somewhat controversial, but I quite like it. The bulding was constructed in 1979, and it currently houses Saskatchewan Government offices.

Bus Stop Refreshments

This example blurs the line between a structure and a vehicle, but it is a very clever repurposing of an old bus.

This page is part of my Canadian Architectural Photographs collection.

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