As discussed in my earlier article, while Court Records are not created for the use of genealogists, they can still be a very useful resource. Published Court decisions vary widely in the amount of detail that they provide, as the presenation of the facts is secondary to a discussion of the relevant legal principles.

The following list of burials in various Nova Scotia cemeteries, 1946-2016, has been derived from published Court decisions; usually wrongful death actions and contested estates. No further updates or additions to this list are anticipated.

A related page exists for Ontario burials, 1880-2014.

Please note that I am NOT actively researching any of these individuals or families, and so I am unable to do look-ups or provide any additional information on the persons listed here. I am also unable to provide copies of the original Court decisions.

Name Date of Death County Community Cemetery Comments
Armstrong, Allister Warren June 30, 1964 Lunenburg Sherwood Baptist Cemetery
Backman, Bruce David January 10, 1974 Halifax Dartmouth Dartmouth Memorial Gardens b. December 2, 1959
Degen, William Edward July 30, 2016 Halifax Dartmouth Dartmouth Memorial Gardens He was cremated
Degen, Helen Valentine May 24, 2011 Halifax Dartmouth Dartmouth Memorial Gardens She was cremated
Hardy, John Wakefield December 4, 1946 Annapolis Granville Beach Stony Beach Cemetery
Joyce, John Bruce November 6, 1978 Pictou n/a Mount William Cemetery b. August 21, 1922
Morrison, Lottie Marion August 12, 1979 Annapolis n/a Port Wade Cemetery ae. 93
Sampson, Mary Elizabeth September 3, 2006 Halifax Middle Sackville Oakridge Cemetery Cremated; niche interment
Turner, Eugene March 3, 1993 Yarmouth Yarmouth n/a ae. 59

Last Modified: April 29, 2022