As discussed in my earlier article, Court Records are not created for the use of genealogists, but still they can be a useful resource. Published Judicial decisions vary widely in the amount of detail that they provide. The presenation of the facts is secondary to a discussion of the relevant legal principles.

The following list of burials in various Ontario cemeteries have been derived from numerous published Court and Tribunal decisions. It is far from comprehensive. No further updates or additions are anticipated.

Please note that I am NOT actively researching any of these individuals or families, and so I am unable to do look-ups or provide any additional information on the persons listed here. I am also unable to provide copies of the original Court decisions.

Name City Cemetery Date of Death Date of Burial Comments
Alakoozi, Basir Toronto Memorial Gardens May 1, 1998

Babcock, William Ameliasburg Township n/a January 20, 1911   Plot no. 58
Bastien, [unamed twins] Ottawa Hope Cemetery November 1991 January 7, 1992 Stillborn
Bateson, Mary Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
November 17, 1872 Lot 103
Bernard, Thomas Joseph Owen Sound n/a September 24, 1998   He d. at Ottawa; alais Thomas Whitt
Black, Henry Ameliasburg Township n/a December 5, 1917 December 7, 1917 Plot no. 58
Brownrigg, George Curran St. Luke Parish Cemetery
Brownrigg, Margaret Curran St. Luke Parish Cemetery
July 1988 Plot K2
Brownrigg, Simon Curran St. Luke Parish Cemetery
Catto, Mark Peterborough Rosemount Memorial Gardens May 16, 2014 September 05, 2014 He d. at Kingston; Cremated
Chan, Le Wu Toronto Mount Pleasant Cemetery December 26, 1982

Gibson, Brian John Etobicoke Glendale Memorial Gardens November 20, 1994 November 23, 1994 nee MacDonald
Kelly, Fred [Unspecified] Woodland Cemetery
Kelly, Lloyd Aylmer [Unspecified] Woodland Cemetery December 2, 1999

Kelly, Vera May [Unspecified] Woodland Cemetery
May 1929
Leeman, Mary Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
1885 Lot 103
Macyshyn, ____ (Mrs.) Toronto Holy Cross Cemetery February 11, 2008 April 19, 2008
Mason, Elizabeth North York Westminster Cemeteries February 17, 1970 August 1979 Cremated
Mason, Fred William North York Westminster Cemeteries October 10, 1974 August 1979 Cremated
McSheffrey, Mervyn Hekkfa n/a March 1, 1996
District of Parry Sound
Montizambert, Charles Kingston n/a 1907   He d. either at Kingston or some place in the State of Michigan
Nowe, Richard Ottawa n/a December 6, 2007
s/o Selma Nowe (res. Nova Scotia)
Rita, Maria Toronto Mount Pleasant Cemetery December 22, 1998

Robinson, Alfred Herbert Oshawa Port Oshawa Cemetery
1962 Grave relocated in 1973
Schiff, Jerrold North York Bathurst Lawn Cemetery October 6, 2013 October 10, 2013 He d. in Florida
Smith, Almira Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
September 5, 1876 Lot 101
Smith, C.N. Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
August 2, 1894 Lot 100
Smith, D.C. Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
December 4, 1887 Lot 101
Smith, D.M. Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
May 1, 1880 Lot 104
Smith, Darius Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
1880 Lot 100
Smith, Joseph Richardson Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery April 28, 1915

Smith, Laura Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
Smith, Nellie Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
February 27, 1878 Lot 100
Smith, O.A. Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
January 12, 1888 Lot 101
Smith, Ronald Burton Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
October 12, 1995 Lot 103
Smith, William Campion Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
January 17, 1952 Lot 101
Sokolowska, Henry Ottawa Notre Dame Cemetery
December 30, 1998
Sopinka, Michael Anthony Burlington Halton Hills Memorial Gardens June 27, 1998
Sopinka, Michael Samuel Burlington Halton Hills Memorial Gardens October 1, 1998

Spooner, Harriot L. Kingston Cataraqui Cemetery
September 8, 1876 Lot 103
Stergiadis, John Toronto Prospect Cemetery February 21, 1985 February, 1985 Greek Orthodox
Stevens, Valerie Scarborough Pine Hill Cemetery Fall 1989 July 2, 1993 Section 10, Lot 4355
Tougher, Thomas C. County of Brant n/a January 1892   He d. at Spokane, Washington
Wilson, Elaine Irene Dysart Municipality Evergreen Cemetery
April 1998

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