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Between 1905 and about 1960, most Alberta Provincial civil servants were appointed by Order-in-Council. Orders-in-Council are still used today to appoint individuals to Provincial boards, commissions, etc.

This page includes an index to selected OCs involving Webb civil servants and other appointments. Note that this is not a complete or comprehensive list; it only includes major events and not salary increases, expense claims, and other routine administrative matters.

Individuals identified in other sources are listed at the bottom of the page.

Webb, Alma

Housekeeper at Boarding House (Lethbridge Goal), 1920

OC 2304/20
Webb, Bird Henry William

Unspecified Position, Treasury Branch, 1955-1956

OC 1290/55,
OC 134/56
Webb, Edna Blanche

Stenographer, Department of Telephones, 1911

OC 57/11

Clerk & Stenographer, Department of Education, 1914

OC 351/14

Attorney General, transfer from Education, 1919

OC 2280/19

Attorney General, Resigned (May 31, 1923)

OC 903/23
Webb, Edward James

Unspecified Position, Mental Institute, Oliver, Resigned (June 23, 1930)

OC 768/30
Webb, Ellen

Relief, Department of Public Health, 1937

OC 1235/37

Unspecified Positon, Department of Public Welfare, Appointment cancelled (January 26, 1946)

OC 766/46
Webb, Florence G.

Office of Supt. of Neglected Children, Attorney General, 1910

OC 535/10
Webb, Frank

Work at Boarding House (Lethbridge Goal), 1920

OC 2304/20
Webb, George

Second Cook, Hospital for Returned Soldiers, 1918

OC 1421/18

Kitchen Helper, Central Alberta Sanatorium, Appointed (July 1, 1925)

OC 977/25

Resigned (March 31, 1926)

OC 402/26
Webb, Gladys

Stenographer, Department of Agriculture, 1917-1918

OC 964/17,
OC 575/18
Webb, Gordon Everett

Welder, Fort MacLeod Shops, Department of Highways, Appointed (May 12, 1953)

OC 777/53
Webb, Gordon G.

Caretaker, Department of Public Works, 1955-1957

OC 240/55,
OC 286/57
Webb, Irene

Clerk & Stenographer, Attorney General, Appointed (November 1, 1922)

OC 2023/22

Resigned (March 15, 1923)

OC 462/23
Webb, John

Appointed a member of the Alberta Science and Research Authority, 2004

OC 542/2004
Webb, John

Appointed to the Board of Directors of Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions, 2010

OC 6/2010
Webb, K. J.

Member of Advisory Board re: Natural Resources, 1952

OC 238/52
Webb, Kathleen (Mrs.)

Unspecified Position, Highways and Transport, 1974

OC 1316/74
Webb, M. L. (Dr.)

Appointed to Provincial Board of Health, 1977

OC 906/77

Resigned, 1981

OC 591/81
Webb, Margaret

Clerk, Office of Supt. of Neglected Children, Attorney General, 1912

OC 1055/12

Promoted to unspecified position, Attorney General, 1919

OC 1568/19

Deceased (February 1, 1937)

OC 321/37
Webb, Marshall Francis

Provincial License Officer, Attorney General, 1908

OC 100/08

Retired (September 30, 1922)

OC 1571/22
Webb, Patrick Christopher

Appointed to the Alberta Transportation Safety Board, 2014

OC 276/2014
Webb, Reginald Henry

Temp. Services, Department of Education, 1919

OC 1445/19
Webb, Robert

Biologist, Department of Lands and Forests, Appointed (October 12, 1955)

OC 1325/55
Webb, Ronald H.

Fort Saskatchewan Goal, Guard 2nd Class, Appointed (August 1, 1947)

OC 762/47

Resigned (July 28, 1948)

OC 963/48
Webb, Scott

Appointed to the The Board of Governors of Lakeland College, 2014

OC 30/2014
Webb, Stark

Sheriff's Baliff, JD of Wetaskiwin at Rimbey, Appointed (November 1, 1921)

OC 1948/21

Appointment cancelled (February 28, 1922)

OC 464/22
Webb, Thomas Banford

Clerk and Stock Inspector, Department of Agriculture, Appointed (November 3, 1926)

OC 1490/26
Webb, Truman B.

Special Stock Inspector, Department of Agriculture, 1919

OC 1556/19

Clerk at City Stockyards, Department of Agriculture, Appointed (February 1, 1925)

OC 186/25

Resigned (March 15, 1926)

OC 486/26

Appointment cancelled (July 10, 1934)

OC 890/34
Webb, William Ralph

Mechanic, Macleod Shops, Department of Public Works, Appointed (January 14, 1949)

OC 192/49

The Edmonton Journal of March 6, 1918 reported that W. F. Webb was a school inspector in 1917. He received an annual salary of $200. No further information is available.

Between 1985 and 1990, Calvin Webb was a Research Officer with the Environmental Council of Alberta. He authored three reports during this time.

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