Welcome to my WEBB page. It is dedicated to the WEBB family of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia (and beyond), and particularly, to the descendents of  Noah Webb (1754 - 1832).

Webb Coat of Arms

Because of both space limitations on this server and personal privacy concerns, I am not able to make my entire WEBB database available online.

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Nova Scotia
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Webb monuments in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Edmonton (as of July 2007)
Webb monuments in Hillside Cemetery, Medicine Hat (as of August 2016)
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The original sign is on display at the Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Notice: As of Fall 2005, the focus of this site has changed somewhat. The main goal now is to make available published Canadian primary source material (with a particular focus on directories and obituaries). Updates will occasionally be made as additional resources are located.



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Persons in the Obituary Database:

The obituary database includes synopsis of obituaries (and a very few in full-text) for the individuals listed below. It has been compiled from various newspapers, primarily for Nova Scotia, but it also includes some entries from various Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Ontario newspapers.

Download the entire obituary database. It is in plain text (ASCII) format and it is about 32K in size. There are probably some errors in the information as it has been taken directly from the newspaper reports.
Please inform me of any corrections and/or additions.

NamePlace of DeathYear of Death
Winifred Eaton (Webb) BrenciagliaMissassauga, Ont.1987
Ada Susan BrownWallace Bay 1974
Aubrey L. CaldwellMelanson1956
Donald F. DavidsonSaint John, New Brunswick2008
Ida May (Webb)(Sears) FullertonSpringhill1945
Margaret Adele "Mony" (Webb) HarrisHuntsville, Ontario2000
Edna Jane (Webb) HendersonCalgary, Alberta1935
Gilbert Ray HendersonFarmington1983
Yvonne (Webb) HendersonTatamagouche1989
Winnifred (Webb) Hollis Westchester Station 1937
David LeVesconte Calgary, Alberta 2005
(Mrs.) Burpee Lyman Hantsport1929
Eunice (Webb) McFarlaneMoncton, New Brunswick1889
Margaret (Webb) MacLeanTruro1968
Hester (Webb) MixEdmonton, Alberta1999
Martin Stewart MixEdmonton, Alberta1999
Ben MussoCalgary, Alberta1999
Doreen (Webb) MussoCalgary, Alberta2004
Catherine Mooring Collingwood 1934
Margaret Jean (Webb) NelsonMiddle Musquodobit1966
Edna (Webb) PersinSpringhill1942
Julia Janette (Adams) ReidTruro1996
Edgar Willigar RobertsCoburg, Ontario1962
Glenn RobertsCoburg, Ontario1958
Walter L. SelkirkSpringhill1980
Leona (Godbout) Simmons-DahlEdmonton, Alberta2005
Gordon Wesley SouthornEdmonton, Alberta2000
Aubrey James StoneHalifax1998
Charlotte Ena (Webb) Tanner Darmouth1994
Harold Francis TannerDartmouth1999
Lois (Thompson) ThornwaiteOxford 1948
Aafke (Jansm) WebbHalifax1999
Agnes (Sutherland) WebbNew Jerusalem, New Brunswick1867
Agnes Anderson WebbCalgary, Alberta1988
Albert T. WebbSaint John, New Brunswick1933
Alda (Coates) (Braid) WebbSpringhill 1963
Alexander Stewart WebbEconomy1956
Alonzo Hollis WebbWestchester Station1942
Anna Almeia (Spence) Webb Springhill1991
Annie G. WebbSearsport, Maine1932
Arthur Henry WebbHalifax1929
Beryl Floretta (Yorke) WebbHalifax2011
Bessie Mabel (Pipes) WebbEdmonton, Alberta1948
Carl C. WebbHalifax1948
Carman Owna WebbSpringhill2005
Carrie (Webb) WebbFive Islands1930
Cassia Webb (Mrs)Oxford (?) 1927
Catherine Theresa (O'Neill) WebbSpringhill1949
Charles Ensworth "Pat" WebbBashaw, Alberta1978
Charles Harris WebbHalifax1935
Charles W. WebbLower Gagetown, New Brunswick1971
Christina WebbEdmonton, Alberta1966
Conrad Webb [infant]Westchester1961
Cyrus Wilfred Webb Germany (?)1943
David [Bell] WebbSpringhill1958
David Harris WebbThree Hills, Alberta1973
David Hibbert WebbOxford1937
Doris Beryl WebbWestchester1982
Dorothy M. (Carmody) WebbAmherst2004
Dorothy Ruth "Billy" WebbPugwash1966
Earle Webb North Greenville 1940
Effie Edith (Welton) WebbSpringhill1979
Elma Ruth WebbThree Hills, Alberta1978
Elonzo Webb Economy 1991
Elsie F. (Drysdale) Webb Nappan 2002
Emmerson WebbAmherst1935
Eva (Eaton) WebbPugwash (?)1972
Fitz Arthur WebbHalifax1985
Frank N. WebbTruro1956
Frederick Bligh WebbFredericton, New Brunswick1977
George Chisholm WebbEdmonton, Alberta1967
George W. Webb Oxford1922
Glenn E. WebbAmherst1962
Gladys M. (Adams) WebbLower Onslow2001
Gordon A. WebbSpringhill1965
Guy A. WebbMoncton, New Brunswick 1978
Harold P. Webb Sharonville, Ohio1964
Harris Charles Joel Webb, IISlatyfork, West Virignia2011
Harris John Webb Halifax1983
Harriet A. (Wilson) WebbPortland, Maine1933
Harriet (Thornthwaite) WebbOxford 1974
Howard E. WebbEdmonton, Alberta 1970
Ina (Parr) WebbVermillion, Alberta 1972
Irene (Peers) WebbJoggins1926
Isreal L. WebbNew Glasgow1988
Ivan Leroy Webb Germany 1945
Ivan WebbLower Five Islands1981
J. Harris WebbWestchester1937
J. Hubert "Hubie" WebbSpringhill1981
Jacob M. Webb Edmonton, Alberta 1932
James Webb Springhill 1928
(Mrs.) James E. Webb Albany, New York 1940
Joel David Webb Thorburn1996
John Webb (Mrs.)Little River1927
John Edward WebbSpringhill1972
John James Webb Five Islands 1990
John Matthew Webb New Jerusalem, New Brunswick1944
John Worthington MacIntosh WebbCalgary, Alberta1955
Josiah WebbMansfield1886
(Rev.) Josiah WebbHalifax1919
Kenneth WebbTidnish1905
Kenneth St. Clair WebbEdmonton, Alberta2007
Kevin John WebbHalifax2010
Lawrence Everett "Laurie" Webb Amherst1994
Lawrence H.France1917
Leo O. Webb Tatamagouche 1982
Levi L. Webb Boston, Mass.1946
Lillian Lorraine (Johnson) WebbTruro1998
Logan A. WebbHalifax1994
Margaret Webb Camden1943
Margaret Jane (Howard) Webb North Vancouver, B.C.1937
Marian WebbLitte River1933
Marie Alphonsine "Lucy" WebbEdmonton, Alberta1985
Mary Ann (Crawford) WebbCocagne, New Brunswick1880
Mary Penelope (Moore) WebbHalifax1936
Mary Rachel (Lewis) Webb Amherst 1976
Meart W. WebbTruro2000
Merlin Webb Dartmouth1991
Millie (Purdy) Webb Canonsburg, Pennsylvania 1961
Nellie Caroline Webb Wolfville 1994
Orland Joseph WebbTruro 1990
Raymond L. Webb Edmonton, Alberta1985
Raymond S. Webb Amherst 1966
Rena Evelyn Webb Three Hills, Alberta1981
Roberta Irene (Elliott) WebbParrsborro1998
Roland Neil WebbSpringhill1975
Ross Allan WebbRock Hill, South Carolina2003
Russell A. WebbHalifax2006
Russell Thoronton WebbSpringhill1948
Samuel WebbGreenville1880
Sarah Louisa "Sadie" (Corkum) WebbSaint John, New Brunswick2003
Simon H. Webb Hortonville1958
St. Clair Peers WebbVancouver, B.C.1957
Stephen H. WebbHalifax1955
Susan (Ralston) Webb Glamis, Ontario 1920
Tena Luccille (Howard) WebbTruro2005
Theresa E. (Brown) Webb Halifax1973
Thomas Webb Greenville1890
Thomas Webb (Rev.) Toronto, Ontario1963
Velma Evelyn (Gibson) Webb Calgary, Alberta2006
Vida Diadem (Wentzell) WebbVancouver, B.C.2000
Vivian Irene(Gibson) WebbVictoria, B.C.2008
Walter S. Webb Westchester 1937
Warren Webb Oxford 1960
Warren J. Webb Oxford 1954
Warren S. WebbJoggins1938
Wilfred Webb Amherst 1945
William WebbSpringhill1979
William Henry WebbHalifax1918
William Moore WebbThree Hills, Alberta2000
William O. WebbWestchester (?)1928

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