The following entries are excerpted from Thomas Hutchinson's 1864-65 and 1866-67 editions of the Nova Scotia Directory. Note that unlike the census, these directories list only the heads of household. They are notorously incomplete and often miss many families in a community. For both years, the exact same information was listed for the communities of Economy, Lower Economy, and Five Islands.

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1864-5 & 1866-7

    Berry, Thomas         Shipwright        Lower Economy
    Corbett, A.T.         Customs Collector Five Islands
    Crane, Silas H.       Merchant          Economy
    Cutten, John W.       Blacksmith        Economy
    Fulmore, W.A.         Merchant          Economy
    Graham, Andrew K.     Way Office Keeper Five Islands
    Graham, James         Ship Builder      Lower Economy
    Graham, Thomas        Ship Builder      Lower Economy
    Graham & McNutt       Merchants         Five Islands
    Marsh, John S.        Carpenter         Economy
    McKay, James M.G.     Rev.              Economy
    McKenzie, Daniel      Merchant          Economy
    McKenzie, Roderick    Merchants         Five Islands
    McLaughlan, Daniel    Shoemaker         Economy
    McLaughlan, Frederick Carpenter         Economy
    McLellan, Alexander   Carpenter         Economy
    McLellan, John A.P.   Merchant          Economy
    McLellan, Mary Ann    Innkeeper         Economy
    McNutt, A.B.          Merchant          Economy
    Moor, Andrew K.       Ship Builder      Economy
    Moor, Smith           Miller            Economy
    Nicoll, Daniel C.     Carriagemaker     Economy
    Simpson, William      Blacksmith        Economy
    Soley, David P.       Ship Builder      Lower Economy
    Thompson, Robison     Shoemaker         Lower Economy
    Thompson, Samuel      Rev.              Economy

A review of the R. G. Dun and Company credit rating books (Archives of Ontario, MS 489, Reel 1) for 1865 and 1866 lists the following entries for Economy:

Fulmore, William A. General Store 1865, 1866
McKenzie, Daniel General Store 1865, 1866

The 1867 edition is unavailable. There is no listing for Five Islands in either year.

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