The below list of physicians and dentists practicing in Cumberland County is derived from Tourist Guide to Central Nova Scotia (Truro: n.p., 1980). Note that this list is probably incomplete.

Name Location Notes
Boodoosigh, R. Nappan also River Hebert
Burden, R. A. Springhill
Christie, H. E. Amherst
Conrad, G. Pugwash Dentist
Davis, D. R. Oxford
Donache, J. P. Amherst
Elmik, A. Parrsborro
Fisher, D. H. Springhill
Flieger, P. S. Amherst Dentist
Foley, T. F. Springhill Dentist
Froshner, D. Pugwash
Gass, G. Pugwash
Gass, K. V. Pugwash
Gill, B. Amherst
Goldstein, H. B. Parrsborro Dentist
Graham, R. D. Parrsborro
Hayes, V. Amherst
Husain, M. F. Amherst
Kernohan, D. Parrsborro
Khan, A. Amherst
Lai, K. K. Amherst
Lawrence, G. Amherst Surgeon
MacEachern, E. P. Amherst Dentist
MacLeod, Barry Amherst Dentist
McCulley, J. A. Y. Amherst
Myers, H. A. Amherst
Myers, M. E. Advocate
Prentice, J. Springhill
Prentice, W. G. Springhill Dentist
Quigley, M. P. Amherst
Rippey, D. M. Springhill
Robichaud, A. J. Amherst
Robinson, I. F. G. Amherst
Saunders, G. MacK. Amherst
Taj, A. H. Amherst
Wheelock, G. H. Wentworth
Williams, A. T. Amherst
Williams, J. T. Amherst

Please note that I am NOT actively researching any of these individuals or families, and so I am unable to do look-ups or provide any additional information on the persons listed here.

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Last Modified: June 27, 2021