There are at least three completely distinct lines of WEBBs in Nova Scotia: Those residing in Cumberland and Colchester Counties -- descendents of Noah, those primarily from Cape Breton Island and Guysborough County, and those who first settled in the Annapolis Valley area.

I have concentrated my research on those who are descended from Noah, and who reside primarily in Nothern Nova Scotia. There are also a few WEBB familes who later located to Cumberland County, but who have no connection to the original ancestor, Noah.

Here are my notes on some of these families. I would be interested in any more information on these (or any other) lines not descendend from Noah.

Please note also that this is a work in progress so that additions will be made as I find more information on the various lines presented here.

Emmerson Webb

About 1873, Emmerson W. Webb (b. May 24, 1855, s/o John and Hannah) moved to Joggins from his birthplace in Tracy, Sunbury County, New Brunswick, and took employment as a Railway conductor with the Joggins Railway and Coal Company. He first appears in the 1890-97 Provincial directory living at "Downey's" and working as a Railway Conductor. The 1896 Directory lists him as living at Joggins Mines.

He married Sarah Ellen HIGGINS (b. Sept. 22, 1857 in Maine) at Maccan on August 7, 1878. At the time of his marriage and on the 1891 census he was a Baptist, but by 1901 he had become a Methodist like the rest of his family. His obituary stated that he was a member of Trinity United Church (formerly Trinity Methodist).

In the 1907-8 provincial directory, he is still living at Joggins Mines, but no occupation is listed. He is not enumerated in the 1911 census at either Joggins or Amherst. According to 1914 provincial directory, the family had moved to Amherst and was living at 22 Lower Victoria St. According to the 1918 Amherst town directory, he was a driver for Dominion Express, and had moved to at 122 Church Street. He was living at the same address in the 1921 census, where his occupation was listed as a Teamster.

He died on June 20, 1935, and was buried in the Highland View Cemetery, Amherst on June 22. Sarah died in 1929, and she is also interred in the Highland View Cemetery.


1. Harry b. NS ca. 1880
Harry was not listed with the family in the 1901 census. Emmerson's obituary does not list Harry as a surviving descendent; it only names his three daughters.

This is probably the Harry Webb who was listed as a soldier at the Internment Camp at Amherst per the 1918 town directory. He may also be the Harry Webb of Maccan who joined the 93rd. Regiment in September, 1914. No further biographical information is available. (See below for details on another, younger Harry Webb).

2. Ada Blanche b. NS December 3, 1883

On Oct. 17, 1906 she married Thomas Knox McNAIR at Trinity Methodist Church in Amherst. She died in 1926 and is buried in the Highland View Cemetery, as is Thomas (who died in 1924).

3. Harriet (Hattie) Maria b. NS June 28, 1887

In 1914, 1918, 1921, and 1936, Harriet was a school teacher, living at first on Victoria Street and later at 122 Church Street in Amherst. The 1918 directory states that she worked at the Acadia St. school. The 1914 directory stated that she was the principal of Acadia St. School. She died on July 18, 1960, and she is buried in the Highland View Cemetery.

4. Gladys M. b. Joggins Mines, 1896

In 1914, 1918, and in the 1921 Amherst town directories, she was working as a sternographer for Dominion Express. On October 11, 1921 she married Merrill W. JOHNSTONE at Trinity Methodist, Amherst. His place of residence was then listed as Montreal. She survived her Father, but the obituary did not state her place of residence. Merrill is not listed in the 1919-1920 or the 1920-1921 editions of Lovell's Montreal Directory.

Emmerson's obituary further notes the existence of two granddaughters, but does not specify to which daughter they belong.

William Webb

Sometime between 1891 and 1901, William H. Webb (b. Ontario, August 6, 1855) moved to Joggins, probably from the United States. Probably before 1881, he married Elizabeth _____ (b. PEI, Sept. 22, 1853).


1. Margaret b. April 29, 1881 in the USA
m. Gilbert LYMES June 19, 1902 at Munidie

2. William S. b. April 18, 1885 in the USA

No further information is available. William does not appear in the 1902, or any subsequent directories. The family is not enumerated at Joggins in the 1911 census.

There are no marked WEBB graves in any of the Joggins cemetaries covered in the comprehensive survey undertaken by the Cumberland County Museum.

Warren S. Webb

[Further research has revealed that Warren St. Clair Webb is, in fact, a direct descendent of Noah Webb. His data will nevertheless remain on this page. I am indebted to Bonnie Chandler for both her hospitality and research assistance.]

Warren St. Clair Webb was born in Brocton, Massachuttes on August 28, 1877. He first appears in Cumberland County in the 1891 census for Pugwash East where he is listed as a servant living with Gilbert BROWN and family. By the 1901 census, he is boarding with his uncle John W. Webb at Pugwash Junction. His occupation is a school teacher, and it notes that he arrived in Canada in 1882.

On January 28, 1903, he married Irene Mae PEERS (1877-1926). The 1907-8 and 1914 Provincial directories, and the 1911 census all list Warren S. Webb living at Joggins Mines. His was a painter by trade. W. S. Webb is also listed on the Joggins electoral rolls for 1920 and 1921. On the 1921 census, he was enumerated on Allison Road in Joggins, and his occupation was Station Keeper. The 1925 Provincial electoral list stated his occupation a the Station Master at Joggins Mines. Similarly, the 1935 Federal list of voters for the Town of Joggins describes him as an Express Agent.

W.S. Webb was active in Joggins municipal politics in the 1930's. The Oxford Journal of February 5,1931 reported that W. S. Webb had been re-elected as mayor of Joggins. From January 1932 until August 1934 he served as the Town Clerk. In March 1937 he once again ran for mayor and was successful (by a small margin) but the election results were contested because of a dispute over allegedly unpaid property taxes. There was also some question about financial irregularities (i.e. a payment of $225 made to his son while he was the Town Clerk). Unfortunately, the record is incomplete, so the outcome of this matter is not known. The Springhill Record for April 15, 1937 noted that he was expected to run for council again. No further information is available.

Warren died February 21, 1938 at Joggins of a paralytic stroke. He is buried at Wallace Bay.

Warren's obituary states that he had an unnamed son and daughter living in Brockton, Massachuttes, and an unnamed daughter living in Toronto. There are no marked WEBB graves in any of the Joggins cemeteries covered in the survey undertaken by the Cumberland County Museum.


1. Lisle Bertram
b. June 8, 1903
m. Dorothy COOPER (1905-)
He is enumerated with the family in the 1911 and 1921 census, but there is no further record in either of his Parent's obituaries. In 1921, he was employed as a bank clerk.

2. St. Clair Peers
b. May 1904
m. ca. 1928 Christina QUASCHNICK (1905-1966), probably at Calgary
d. December 13, 1957 at Vancouver; bur. Queen's Park Cemetery, Calgary

He was living with his family in 1921, and working as a bank clerk. According to his Mother's obituary in 1926, he was then living in Alberta. He first appears in the Henderson's Directory for Calgary in 1930 where he was living at 1020 13 Ave. West, and working for "John Deere Plow". He is not mentioned in his Father's obituary.

St. Clair and Christina had issues as follows:

3. Milton V.
b. December 1907
m. Myrtle P. MOWER (1907-)
In the 1921 census, he was a student living with Gilbert BROWN in Wallace Bay. He had moved to Boston by 1926.

4. Reta Maude
b. July 1910
m. Arthur JOHNSTON
She was living at home in 1921 and 1926.

5. Muriel May
b. July 27, 1911
The Oxford Journal of July 18, 1929 reported that Muriel Webb of Joggins was attending Summer School at Truro. On February 6, 1933 Muriel Webb of Joggins Mines married William Albert CORMIER at the (Anglican) Church of the Holy Name. Her parents were given as Warren and Ferne Webb. She was living at Joggins at the time of her Father's death in 1938.

6. Charlise/Carslile
Not enumerated with the family in the 1921 census. Living in California in 1926; no further information is available.

7. Lester Warren
b. April 1913
m. Frances MORROW
The Oxford Journal of July 17, 1930 noted that Lester W. Webb of Joggins was doing Summer courses at the Provincial Normal School in Truro. Lester is listed as a labourer on the 1935 Federal voters list. Lester is does not appear on the municipal electoral list in 1936, but he is enumerated in 1937, 1938 and 1939. Warren's obituary mentions a son "Lawrence", living at home. This is probably a typo. Lester does not appear at all on the 1958 Federal voters lists for anywhere in Cumberland County, so he had probably relocated by then.

8. Beryl Irene
b. May 19, 1915
Living at home in 1921 and 1926.

Harry S. Webb

Harry Smith Webb was born in County Cork, Ireland, ca. March 1865 to English parents. He immigrated to Canada between 1886 and 1889. On February 14, 1891, he married Martha (Marguerite) BURNS at Halifax. Harry's date and place of death are not known, though it probably occurred sometime in the 1920's. His death is not registered anywhere in Nova Scotia.

Martha was born in Halifax on April 17, 1859, and she was baptised on September 10, 1903. She died on December 24, 1925, and she is buried in the River Hebert Community Cemetery.

Harry is first listed in the 1892-93 McAlpine's Directory for Halifax; he is then a soldier living at 89 Brunswick Street. By the time of the 1896-97 directory, he is working as a labourer, and he lists various residences in the North End until his last appearance in the 1899-1900 directory. He is sometimes listed in the directory as "Henry".

At the time of the 1901 census, Harry and family were living in Wolfville, King's County, where Harry was working as a labourer. Harry is not listed in the 1902 Provincial directory anywhere in Cumberland County. Harry and Martha were confirmed at the Holy Name Anglican Church at Joggins on December 8, 1903. At the time, they were living at Chignecto Mines.

The 1907-8 Provincial directory lists a Harry Webb who was working as a miner at Chignecto Mines. By the time of the 1911 census, the family was living at Maccan, and Harry's occupation was again listed as a coal miner. Between September 25, 1913 and September 9, 1914, Harry Webb was employed by Dr. William ROCKWELL of River Hebert. The nature of the employment was not specified; the rate of pay was $15.00 per month.

Harry is not listed in the 1914 Provincial directory. The 1921 Amherst town directory lists a Harry S. Webb living at 25 Pleasant St. West (with no occupation specified). By the 1921 census, Harry and Martha are enumerated at 17 Mill Avenue, living with their eldest grand-daughter, Martha. His occupation was listed as a labourer. He does not appear in the 1936 town directory for Amherst.

They had issue as follows:

1. Eleanor "Nellie" May b. probably at Halifax, 1891.
A nine year-old "Nillie" Webb was enumerated with the family in the 1901 census. In October 1907, a Nellie E. Webb witnessed a marriage at Christ Church Anglican in Amherst; the couple was from Chignecto. Nellie was not living with the family by the time of the 1911 census. At an unknown date and place, Eleanor married Charles W. RIPLEY (1888 - ca. 1967). The family was living at River Hebert at the time of the 1921 census. She d. at Edmonton on March 8, 1983, age 91. Eleanor's obituary does not list any siblings.

Charles and Eleanor had issue as follows:

When Eleanor died in 1983, there were 18 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great grandchildren.

Coincidentally, there is a Nellie M. Webb listed in the Calgary Henderson's Directory for 1920 and 1921; no occupation is specified. No further biographical information is available.

2. Henry Smith "Harry", b. at Halifax on November 25, 1894
In January 1915, Harry enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He enlisted at Calgary, but his Father was then living at River Hebert. His occupation was listed as a coal miner. He served in the 10th Bn. At an unknown date and place, he m. Isabella Gertrude ANDERSON (b. B.C. 1895 - d. at Nanaimo, 1980). During the Second World War, he served with the Royal Canadian Service Corps. Harry d. at Calgary, July 9, 1970. His obituary lists a surviving sister, Mrs. Nellie E. RIPLEY, then living at Edmonton, but no other siblings.

Harry and Isabella had issue as follows:

When Isabella died in 1980, there were 15 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

3. James Cass, b. at Halifax on February 23, 1896

The records of the 85th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force for 1916 include a Private James Cass Webb. His mother is (Mrs.) Martha Webb, and her address is listed as 101 Hickman Street, Amherst. He was unmarried at the time of his enlistment in October, 1915.

Elsie May was born in England (ca. 1894), and immigrated to Canada in 1919. This strongly suggests that she was a British war bride.

In August 1920, Laura Dorothy Webb (b. June 27, 1920) was baptized at Christ Church Anglican, Amherst. Her parents were listed as James Cass and Elsie May Webb. Their place of residence is specified as 25 Pleasant St. There are no prior or subsequent references to this family in the records of Christ Church.

The 1921 Amherst directory lists a James Webb, an employee of the Canadian Car and Foundry Co., still living at 25 Pleasant St. By the 1921 census, the family was enumerated at River Hebert, where James was working as a coal miner.

4. George b. probably at Halifax, September 1899
No further information is available.

Rev. William Webb

The Reverend William Webb was born in England on November 5, 1803. No information is available about his parents. His grave marker states that he was born in the County of Wiltshire, but his grand-daughter stated (about 1910) that he was from the (nearby) city of Bath. He came as a Wesleyan Methodist missionary to Nova Scotia in 1827, and he was officially ordained at the 1831 annual conference.

He served the Barrington Methodist circut in Shelburne County between August 18, 1833 and May 13, 1836. At the time of the 1838 census, he was living in Windsor township, Hants County, and his family consisted of two boys under age 6, two girls under age 6, one male over age 14, and 3 females over age 14.

In about 1840, he was hired by Trinity Methodist church in Amherst at a salary of £18 per year. While the early administrative records have not survived, Rev. William is listed as the officiating minister on the baptismal registers from August 1843 until July 1846. He later moved to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where he died on July 4, 1847, very probably of pnemounia. He is buried in the Old Protestant Burying Ground, Charlottetown.

There is very little information available about his wife. On May 24, 1832, Rev. Webb married Mary Ann MCNEIL (b. about 1804) at the Brunswick Street Methodist Church in Halifax. Mary Ann died at Dartmouth on June 3, 1860, and she is buried in the family plot in Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax. On the 1881 census, John Wesley Webb reported that his mother had been born in Nova Scotia.

1. Marianna
b. April 17, 1833
d. October 12, 1855; bur. Camp Hill cemetery

*2. John Wesley Webb
b. Barrington (Shelburne County) on 11 March 1835.
d. Halifax, February 19, 1911; bur. Windsor

3. Eliza Agusta
b. April 1837
bur. March 1, 1918 in the Camp Hill cemetery.

*4. William Henry Webb
b. 1839, Windsor
d. May 31, 1918
bur. June 2, 1918 in the Camp Hill cemetery.

5. Susan Amelia b. November 23, 1840
d. December 29, 1865 at Halifax;
bur. Camp Hill cemetery
Her death record does not indicate her place of birth.

Children of John Wesley Webb:

m1. Mary Ann BLACK "of Pugwash", d/o John S. and Sarah (HARE) Black.
b. 1834 at Halifax
m. Sept. 21, 1858 at Pugwash
d. June 24, 1866 at Pugwash of consumption

1. Mary Anne (Annie)
b. ca. 1860, probably at Pugwash
d. 1898
There is no marriage record for her in Hants County; she was not living at home at the time of the 1891 census.

2. Margaret Sarah Beatrice
b. 1861, probably at Pugwash
d. 29 September 1865, at Pugwash

3. William James
b. ca. 1864, probably at Pugwash
d. Jan. 4 1872, at Windsor

m2. Rebecca Clementine BLACK "of Dorchester"
b. about 1844 in New Brunswick.
m. 1868
d. 1911, probably at Halifax; bur. Windsor

4. Frances Agusta "Gussie"
b. 1869, at Pugwash
m. James A. STEPHENS, April 7, 1886 at Windsor
d. 1899; bur. "near Chicago".

5. Nellie (Ellen) d. 1871, in infancy

6. John Wesley, Jr.
b. 15 March 1872, at Windsor
m. Annie Maud BIGNEY June 24, 1903 at Hantsport
He was living at Maywood, Ill. in 1911.
d. 1934; bur. Windsor

7. Louisia Beatrice
b. May 18, 1874, at Windsor
m. John Cecil STONE bef. 1911
There is no marriage record for this couple in Hants County civic registration.
d. 1955; bur. Oklahoma.

8. Lucy Dorothea "Dorothy"
b. Feb. 15, 1876, at Windsor
d. Unknown

The Amherst News and Sentinel for August 2, 1904 reported that Miss Dorothea Webb, who teaches violin in a girl's school in Western Virginia, was visiting Sackville before returning to her home at Halifax. She was living unm. at Halifax in 1918.

9. Mabel Sophia
b. November, 1878, probably at Windsor
d. May 3, 1881 at Windsor

10. Alice Blanche
b. 1879, probably at Windsor
d. April 26, 1881 at Windsor

11. Florence Elizabeth
b. February 1, 1881, probably at Windsor
m. Homer G. TATE, (b. 1881 in New Hampshire) ca. 1912

She was educated at Mount Allison Ladies College and Conservatory of Music, and the Chicago College of Music. From about 1900 to 1902 she resided in Chicago. She taught at Mount Allison between 1902 and 1907, and later in 1907, she was on the staff of the Belmont College in Nashville, Tennessee. In 1920, the family was living at Evanston, Illinois.

They had issue as follows:
     Henry W., b. Illinois, 1914
     Margaret E., b. Illinois, 1916

12. Susan "Susie"
b. 1883, probably at Windsor
living unm. in the US in 1911
d. 1958

Children of William Henry Webb:

m. Ann Eliza RAY
b. 1846, at Quebec
m. June 12, 1877 at Halifax
d. April 16, 1888 at Halifax

1. Arthur Henry Webb
b. 1878
m. Mary Penelope MOORE, 1901, probably at Charlottetown
d. Jan. 9, 1929 at Halifax; bur. Fairview Cem.

2. Raymond William Webb
b. ca. 1880
d. February 12, 1896 at Halifax

3. Walter Geoffery Webb
b. April 22, 1882
bur. June 23, 1905

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