The First Contingent of Canadian troops who served in the South African War was drawn from volunteers from various existing miltia units, across Canada. All of these men from Cumberland County had previously been part of the 93rd Regiment. The Nova Scotia recruits were genrally assigned to "H" Company.

The below list is excerpted from Annie Elizabeth Mellish. Our boys under fire, or, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island volunteers in South Africa. (Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Examiner, 1900) Appendix p. xix. This booklet has been reproduced as CIHM Microfiche no. 10472.

The list is probably incomplete as it only includes the First Contingent to serve overseas. I have been unable to find any nominal lists for any subsequent groups that list the soldier's place of residence. Also, all French-spekaing Acadians were enrolled in "F" Company (Quebec), regardless of their geographic origins.

Name Residence Notes
Brown, S. Springhill  
Buchannan, K. Springhill  
Burgess, M. Joggins  
Blair, S. Amherst  
Casey, J. Amherst  
Embree, G. Amherst  
Filmore, W. Springhill  
Ferguson, W. Springhill Resigned Commission
Hartnett, J. Springhill  
McMillan, W. Cumberland  
McCallum, G. Springhill Wounded
Oxley, William Oxford Resigned Commission
Oulton, H. Amherst  
Rector, R. Cumberland  
Rolfe, James Amherst  
Scott, J. A. Amherst  
Thompson, W. Amherst  
Wright, P. Amherst  

Please note that I am NOT actively researching any of these individuals or families and so I am unable to do look-ups or provide any additional information on the persons listed here.

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