The following list of Webb businesses and businessmen in Toronto, 1866-1950, has been derived from the published R. G. Dun and Company credit reports. Copies of these reports are available on microfilm from the Archives of Ontario (MS-489). Note that I have not reviewed every year; rather this data is based on an extensive sampling of the directories. Additional information from the original directories, such as the credit ratings and estimated valuation of the business, is not presented here.

Please note that I am NOT actively researching any of these individuals or firms, and so I am unable to do look-ups or provide any additional information on the persons listed here. There may be errors as this information is taken directly from published sources.

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Name Type of Business Years Active
Webb & Bass Meat 1920
Webb & Dunlop Roofers
Sheet metal work & roofing
Sheet metal workers
Webb & McKeown Roofers 1908-1912
Webb & Richards Grocery 1916-1918
Webb Brothers Cigars 1903
Webb Lumber Co. Ltd. Lumber 1913
Webb Manufacturing Co. Billiard cues & c. 1912-1917
Webb's Drugs Drugs 1950
Webb's Garage Garage 1918
Webb, A. E. & Co. Brokers & warehousemen 1893
Webb, A. M. (Mrs. H. R.) Confectionary & c. 1918-1923
Webb, Albert Pat. med. & var. 1950
Webb, Beatrice (Mrs.) Grocery 1939
Webb, C. Grocery & Feed 1909
Webb, C. M. Grocery 1891-1907
Webb, Charles E. Grocery & c. 1929-1933
Webb, Charlotte (Mrs. T.) Millinary, etc. 1897-1911
Webb, Christopher Grocery & feed 1913-1919
Webb, Doris W. Dresses 1950
Webb, Edmund S. Grocery 1920-1931
Webb, Edward Woodwork, etc.
Mfr. wooden lamps
Webb, Eldon A. Groceries 1929
Webb, F. A. Garage 1915-1917
Webb, Frank Painter 1920-1939
Webb, Frank H. Drugs 1909-1920
Webb, George Cut Stone Contr. 1915-1933
Webb, George Fish & chips restaurant 1915-1933
Webb, George B. Builder 1927-1933
Webb, George H. Builder 1931-1933
Webb, H. E. (Miss) Confectionary 1915-1922
Webb, H. R. Confectionary 1910-1917
Webb, Harold F. Plbg. Contg. 1944-1950
Webb, Harry Confectionary
Restaurant and confectionary
Rest., bakery, and confectionary
Webb, Harry Co. Ltd. Rest., Bakery, & Confectionary
Whol. confectionary and bakery
Bakers & mfrs. chocolate
Webb, Harry Meat & grocery 1931-1933
Webb, Henry L. Coal blowers 1939-1950
Webb, J. A. Grocery 1932-1933
Webb, James Grocery 1900-1901
Webb, James Painter 1906
Webb, James B. Service Station 1929-1933
Webb, John Baker & Grocer 1876-1881
Webb, John Meat 1922
Webb, John Shoe Repair 1931
Webb, John B. Engraver 1876-1893
Webb, John D. Drugs 1933-1950
Webb, John E. Contractor 1900-1908
Webb, John E. & Co. Contractors 1910-1913
Webb, John E. Grocery 1923-1933
Webb, John T. Lakeview Garage 1915
Webb, M. E. (Miss) Restaurant 1923-1925
Webb, Norman C. Confectionary and mfr. chocolate
Confectionary & Lunch
Webb, R. Electrical fixtures & c. 1912-1913
Webb, Ross F. Dairy 1933
Webb, Samuel Smallwares [Clothing] 1920-1922
Webb, Sydney C. Locksmith
Manufacturer keys, etc.
Webb, Thomas Confectionary 1866-1876
Webb, Thomas, Jr. Confectionary 1877-1885
Webb, Thomas A. Plasterer 1890-1893
Webb, W. H. Grocery 1925-1933
Webb, William A. Drugs 1939-1944

The Western Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, 1898-99 p. 136 lists A. E. Webb employed as a Broker at 8 King Street East.

The Western Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, 1898-99 p. 136 lists C. M. Webb employed as a Grocer at 273 Queen Street West.

A detailed description of George Webb's business operations can be found in Oakley v. Webb (Ont. CA, 1916) 27 O.W.R. 544. The business commenced operation in May 1915.

Harry Webb was "probably the best known of Toronto's caterers". His shop, located at 447 Yonge Street, was also known for wedding cakes. See Toronto: Past and Present (1884), p. 283

In 1929, the Harry Webb Co. bakery plant, located on Davenfort Rd., was sold to Bredin's Bread Ltd. A photograph of the building is available online via the Toronto Public Library.

The Western Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, 1898-99 p. 136 lists J. E. Webb employed as a Builder at 9 Fisher Street. In 1905-07, John E. Webb was involved in a legal dispute with Messrs. Garside & White over the amount to be paid for a warehouse that he constructed. See Garside v. Webb (1907) 10 O.W.R. 235.

Thomas Webb, Sr. established his confectionary shop in 1842. It was especially well known for its wedding cakes. His son later took over the establishment. See Illustrated Toronto: Past and Present (1877), p. 343. The Lovell's Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 p. 887 notes that his business was then located at 302 Yonge Street.

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