The following list of early Truro vital statistics records is excerpted from:
Memorial of the one hundred and twenty-second, and of the one hundred and twenty-first, advertised as the one hundred and twenty-third anniversary of the settlement of Truro, by the British: being the first celebration of the town's natal day, September 13th, 1822.
(Truro, N.S.: Doane, 1894), pp. 47-48 and 69
Reproduced as: CIHM microfiche no. 27723

Some additional vital records are excerpted from Carol Campbell and James F. Smith Necessaries and Sufficiencies: Planter Society in Londonderry, Onslow, and Truro Townships, 1761-1780 (Sydney, NS: Cape Breton University Press, 2011), pp. 50-61, 63, 85-86, 93, and 139.

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First English child born in Truro:
Elizabeth d/o William and Janet Kennedy
b. October 25, 1761
m1: James Dickie
m2: Adam Dunlap
m3: George McConnell (of Pictou)

Other Births

First Marriage at Truro:
December 6, 1763
James Dunlap = Mary Johnson
(both of the Lower Village of Truro)
Their son Thomas d. September 7, 1862, ae. 84, unm.

Other Marriages

Deaths at Truro:

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