Charles Mary Wentworth 1798-1800

A very successful privateer in her short career. Designed and built in Liverpool - some have argued that she was the first warship ever built, crewed and commanded by Canadians. She captured 11 enemy vessels, some of them quite large, and also captured a Spanish island and fort off the coast of Venzeula. She more than paid for herself on her first voyage and earned spectacular profits on her second voyage with five large prizes. On subsequent cruizes, she was less successful and was eventually converted to an armed merchant ship. She capsized and sank in a storm in 1802, fortunately with no loss of life

Crew: 80
Tonnage: 130
Rig: full rigged ship
Prizes Taken: 11
Armament: 16 guns (4 & 6 pounders)
Captains: Joseph Freeman 1798, Thomas Parker 1799-1800
Homeport: Liverpool
Letter of Marque Issued: May 1798
Owners: J. Freeman, T. Bennett, S. Perkins, J. Barrs, S. Parker
Built: Liverpool, NS June 1798

A report from a cruise by the Charles Mary Wenworth - lots of fighting!

Log entries for Charles Mary Wentworth

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