Duke of Kent 1799-1805

The largest privateer vessel in Nova Scotia during the Napoleonic Wars, she made many cruises, some as long as six months and captured several Spanish held islands off the coast of Venezuela.

Crew: 100
Tonnage: 196
Rig: full rigged ship
Prizes Taken: 8
Armament: 20 guns (4&6 pd) 30 small arms, 100 cutlasses
Captains: Thomas Parker 1799, Joseph Freeman 1800 &1805
Homeport: Liverpool
Letter of Marque Issued: Nov. 6, 1799
Owners: H. Collins, Lawson, Perkins, Prescott; J. Barrs, S. Parker
Built: Ex Spanish brigantine Nostra Sen. Del Carmen taken by C.M. Wentworth 1799
Construction: - had quarter galleries, square sterned, billet head

The Duke of Kent's Letter of Marque

A report from a cruise by the Duke of Kent and the Charles Mary Wenworth - lots of fighting!

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