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    Here are dancers, dance acts, dance companies, and dance shows and competitions for which Richard Bonner has done lighting in the capacity of design and/or direction. Dancers from all genres have performed under Richard's lighting during his career. These include ballet, ballroom, break dancing, flamenco, hip-hop, modern dance, musical theatre, step, tap, and ethnic/native/traditional styles.

    Note that for some Dance Schools, Richard may have not worked directly for the school, but has lighted one or more of their acts as presented by those schools within larger shows. This was often on more than one occasion. Be informed that some of those listed below may fall into other categories and thus will also appear elsewhere at this website.

("Series" designates a number of shows
for the given client over the years.)

All acts and individuals are listed in
STRICT alphabetical order (excluding
articles), even for proper names.


  • - Al-Arz
      Lebanese Opera Company
  • Aiden LeMire
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Amethyst Scottish Dancers
      of Nova Scotia
  • Atlantic Dance Academy
  • Antigonish Creative Dance Association


  • Be Inspired Gala (B.I.G.)
  • Birch Hills Academy
  • BLT Dance Team
  • Boba
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Bollywood Dream Dancers
  • Breanna Pottie and Melissa Doary


  • -Candance
      (Regional Dance Competition
       and Awards Show)
  • Canadian Closed
      Professional Dance Championship
  • Cape Breton School of the Arts
  • Celtica Highland Dancers
  • Cinderella   (Ballet)
    -Maritime Conservatory
    School of Dance
  • Citadel Celtic Highland Dancers
  • Citadel Celtic Step Dancers
  • Champions Dance
      (Regional Competition)
  • Classical Dance Conservatory
  • Coastal Dance
  • Connor Russell and Abby Beamish


  • Dalhousie Dance Team
  • DanceAbition  (Competition)
  • Dance ConXion
  • Dance Zone
    Performing Arts Centre
  • D&R Dance Limited
  • Danny's All-Star Joint
      (Joseph Starr,
      Kentville Ballet Studio,
      Windsor Regional
       High School Dancers)
  • Dans Encorps
  • DansXpress
  • Dartmouth Dance Academy
  • Debbie Stevens Tap Dancers
  • Digby Dance Studio
  • DrumFEST
      (Percussion and Dance Festival)


  • Emily Howes Vallis
  • Emma Sanford


  • Fall River
    School of Performing Arts
  • Filipino Dance


  • Global Girls
  • Greene School of Irish Dancing


  • Halifax Dance
  • Halifax Sparklette Majorettes
  • Havenwood Dance Studio
  • Highland Dance



  • Kidzact Association
  • Kiley Burke
  • Kilted Christmas
      (Variety/Dance Show)


  • MacArthur School of Dance
  • Marijan Bayer's Classical Ballet
  • Maria Osende Flamenco
  • Maritime Centre for African Dance
  • -Maritime Conservatory
    of Performng Arts
  • Maritime Dance Performance Group
  • Millennium Productions
  • Millwood Dance Tean


  • Northside Dance Unlimited
  • Nova Dance Studio



  • Persian Dance Ensemble
  • Pomorze
      Polish Folkdance Ensemble
  • Pranathi Chaalia
  • Precision Dance Performance Company


  • Reach for the Stars
  • Rhythm & Sole School of Dance
  • Rising Stars Dance Studio
  • Romiosyni Greek Dancers
  • R.S.I. Danceworks


  • Safi Haq and Evey Hornbeck
  • Santa Clause is Coming to Town
      Seasonal Dance Recital
  • Scotia Ballet
  • Send in the Clowns
      (Robert Zeigler,
      Wendy Rutledge and
      Sandy Delong)
  • Stars of Tomorrow Dance Academy
  • StepBruthaz
  • Summer Dance Jam



  • Ukrainian Dancers


  • A Very Glee Recital
    Season End Review


  • We Like to Move It
  • Winter Dance Spectacular


  • The YOung COmpany
    of Halifax Dance

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