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RB: Richard Bonner

Richard is a Canadian stage lighting
designer and director with a lengthy,
diverse, and notable
Lighting Career
He designs and directs for local, national,
and international acts and artists, as well
as major theatrical and other stage productions.

In addition, Richard is Company Director of
Atlantic Illumination Entertainment Lighting,
an Atlantic Canadian stage lighting business.



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Hobbies and Interests

These encompass Amusement Parks and Rides,
Astronomy, Aviation, Coin-Operated Devices,
Computers, Electronics, Magic, Photography,
Stage Lighting, and World's Fairs.


    This last link provides thorough information on Canadian Amusement Parks & Rides, both present and past. It has over 1000(!) Books and Videos listings on Parks, Rides, Carnivals, Circuses, Exhibitions and World's Fairs, along with Trade Magazines and Enthusiast Publications.

    Closed Canadian Parks displays articles and photographs on over 100 amusement parks that no longer exist in Canada. Rides and attractions lists are included for most.

    The Midway goes to world wide sites on Amusement Parks, Roller Coasters, Exhibitions, Ride Manufacturers & Suppliers, and Related Subjects.



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