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Lighted By

This page lists acts or personalities that
have appeared under Richard Bonner's lighting
which are not found elsewhere at this website.

All names are presented here in STRICT
alphabetical order, excluding articles.

A to C

  • Adrienne Gabrielle (Comedian)
  • Alva-Marie Sparkles (Comedian)
  • Andrew Wiley (Spoken Word)
  • Angus Duncan (Comedic Reading)
  • Anna Pierrette (Spoken Word)
  • April Maxwell-Gaulin (Comedian)

  • Bill Wood (Magician/Comedian/MC)
  • Brayden Benham (Comedian)
  • Brendan Coyne (Marionettes)
  • Brennan Coady (Magician)
  • Brian Macguire (Magician)
  • Brian Macquarrie (Comedian)
  • Bryan Heystee's Hot Dog Dialogue
    (Spoken Word)
  • Bryn Shaffer (Comedian)
  • Bryson Morris (Spoken Word)
  • Caleb Hanon (Comedian)
  • Carey Lee (Comedian)
  • -Cathy Jones (Comedian)
  • Charles Gauci (Magician)
  • Christian Laroche (Comedian/MC)
  • Christine Gerogiannis (Actor)
  • Comedic Routine (Comedy Act)
  • Coren DeCoste (Spoken Word)
  • Corey Larsen and Daniel Campbell (Comedy)
  • Corey Larsen and Chris Abrahams (Skit Comedy)
  • Craig Madden (Comedian, Actor)
  • Cyber (Truro Police
    Anti-Bullying Robot)


  • Dan Hendricken (Comedian)
  • Dante Manchester
    (Spoken Word)
  • Dartmouth High Improv
    (Actor Ensemble)
  • Dave, Adrian & Liz
    (Comedy Skit Team)
  • David Kikuchi (Gymnast --
    Canadian Olympic Team)
  • -David Moon (Magician)
  • Dawn MacNutt (Artist)

  • Don Faith (Illusionist,
    Magician, Escape Artist)
    (Image: Don Faith is Bound with Chains)
  • Don Harron (Comedian:
    Charlie Farquharson)

  • Donna Scaglione
    (Celebrity Impersonator)
    (Image: `Marilyn' Sings her Heart Out)

E to I

  • Elizabeth Deveau
    (Spoken Word)

  • Grace H-B (Spoken Word)
  • Greg Gidney (Magician)
  • Greta Landis (Comedian)

  • Heather Ross (Story Teller)
  • Heather Rycroft (Comedian)
  • Halifax West Improv
    (Actor Ensemble)


  • Jeff Collins (Juggler,
    Escape Artist, Magician)
    (Image: Jeff Swallows Fire)

  • Jim Petrie (Comedian)
  • Jodi Miles (Spoken Word)
  • John Cabot Trail
    (Comedian, Satirist)
  • John Michael Talbot (Magician,
    Master of Ceremonies)
  • John Paul Holt and The
    Avant Garde Artistic Team
    (Hair Stylists)

  • Jonathan Thompson (Magician)
    (Image: Johnathan on Stage with a Volunteer)
  • Jim Petrie (Comedian)
  • Jon Pierce (Play Reading)

  • -Joshua Jay
    (Image: Josh Shows his Card Savvy)

  • Julia Baird (Author,
    Sister of John Lennon)
    (Image: A Radio Announcer and RCMP Officer on Stage with Julia
 at the first Maritime Beatle Event)

K to P

  • Ken Robinson (Magician)
  • Kristen Thompson (Comedian)

  • Lachlan Brown (Magician)
    (Image: Lachlan with Cards at a Round Table)

  • Laura Burke (Spoken Word)
  • Leah & Greta (Comedy Duo)
  • Leanna Todd, Kate Wilkinson,
    Carolyn Davis (Play Reading)
  • Lucie Chan (Artist)

  • Mark Garneau (Politician,
    also Canada's First Astronaut)
  • Michael Greenlaw
    (Comedian, Actor)
  • Mike Durling (Comedian)
  • Mike Fraiman (Comedian)

  • -Michael James (Magician)
    (Image: Michael, Arms Outstretched, Wearing a Blindfold)

  • -Mike Northorp (Magician)
    (Image: Mike on Stage with a Deck of Cards)

  • Mizo Ibrahi (Spoken Word)

  • Nikki Giles with Emma Sanford
    and Braden Oickle
    (Spoken Word)
  • Noah White (Public Speaker, Comedian)

  • Not Ready for Prime
    Time (Dartmouth) Players
    (Sketch Comedy)

  • Patrick Drake (Magician)
    (Image: Patrick Fans Cards)

  • Pastors Carlo and Paul
    (Spoken Word)
  • Pastors Gary and Nancy
    (Spoken Word)
  • Peter Cox (Town Crier)
  • Peter Marucci (Magician)
  • Sir John A. MacDonald Improv
    (Actor Ensemble)
  • Reverend Bishop
    John Shelby Spong
    (Public Speaker)

R to T

  • -Robert Lamar (Hypnotist,
    Mentalist, Magician)
    (Image: Lamar on Stage in Blue Lighting)

  • -Rod Doiron (Magician, Mentalist)
    (Image: Rod Reveals a `Killer' Paper Roll)

  • Ron Hadflidson (Professor,
    Public Speaker)
  • Rhys Bevan-John (Comedian)
  • Sean Skerry (Comedian)
  • -Shelley Hamilton (Actress)
  • Special K (Comedian)
  • Spencer Conway
    (Poet and Speaker)
  • Spencer MacKay (Comedian)

  • Thomas McCallum
    (Spoken Word)
  • Tim Dunn
    (Singer, Story Teller)
  • -Tony Eng (Magician)  (Image: Tony does his Bill Trick)

  • Toshina La Touche
  • Trent and Derrick
  • Troy Hooser (Magician)
    (Image: Troy Performs Close-Up)

V to Z

  • Vincenzo Ravina (Magician)
    (Image: Vincenzo at a Table with Wrapping Paper)
  • Vincinzot Laurie (Magician)
  • Winn C. Claybaugh
    (Motivational Speaker)

  • Zachary Eden (Comedian)

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