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A selection of Maritime Canadian Rock/Pop/Blues Albums from the classic era that have been remastered on compact discs.

Battery CD Cover
Artist: The Battery
Album: Tomorrow
Released: 2006
Label:Ian Aker TBCD06
Notes: In 2006, the album was reissued on CD with two bonus tracks recorded live at the Anvil Tavern, Wolfville NS. Current availability is unknown.

1) In It Together (Aker/Amason/Billard/Hann/Jessome)
2) Another Man (Robertson)
3) Route 66 (Troup)
4) Inverness Beach (Billard)
5) Tomorrow (Aker/Amason)
6) Dust My Broom (James)
7) Thoughts of Yesterday (Aker/Amason/Hann/Jessome)
8) Bar Band Widow (Dubinsky)
9) Sail Away (Aker/Amason/Hann/Billard/Jessome)

Bonus live tracks:
10) Space in My Heart (Aker)
11) Out on the Road (Aker)

Ian Aker (Lead Vocals, Sax, Flute, Percussion), Jimmy Amason (Guitar, Percussion), Owen Hann (Bass), Colonel Jessome (Drums, Percussion, Vocals), Ross Billard (Keyboards, Guitar, Percussion)

Buddy CD Cover
Artist: Buddy & The Boys
Album: Buddy And The Boys
Released: 1999
Notes: In 1999, the album was reissued on CD with several bonus tracks from the Live At The Moon LP (*) and other live tracks. Current availability is unknown.

1) Time To Go (Dubinsky)
2) Turn This Train Around (Dubinsky)
3) Doin' Time (Dubinsky)
4) Gotham City (Dubinsky)
5) Kissin' The Causeway (Dillon/Lamey/MacDonald/Dubinsky)
6) Love The Night Away (Dubinsky)
7) Open Your Heart (MacDonald/Palen/Dubinsky)
8) Don't Fool Yourself (Dubinsky)
9) Buddy's Dream (Dubinsky)
10) Daylight Babe (Dubinsky)
11) Josephine (Dubinsky)
12) Workin' At The Woolco (Manager Trainee Blues) (Harley/Dillon/Dubinsky)
13) Gypsy Man Me (Dubinsky)

14) *The Drifter (Dubinsky)
15) *Little River Blues (MacDonald)
16) *The Animal I Am (Dubinsky)
17) *Oh Nellie (Dubinsky)
18) *The Soreness of My Soul (Dubinsky)

19) Train (Part 2) (Dubinsky/MacDonald)
20) Live Woolco (Harley/Dillon/Dubinsky)

Max MacDonald (Vocals), Leon Dubinsky (Keyboards, Guitar), Berkley Lamey (Bass), Ralph Dillon (Guitar, Keyboards), Ron Parks (Drums), Ronald MacEachern (Fiddle, Snore)

Bobby Woods (Drums), Enver Sampson (Harp), John Campbell (Guitar), Matt Minglewood (Organ), Marcel Doucet (Fiddle), Kenzie MacNeil (12 String), Donnie Palmer (Horns), Harold Tsistinas (Horns), Sam Moon (Vocals), Evelyn Dubinsky Carnat (Vocals), Carole Mann (Vocals), Jo-Anne Rolls (Vocals), Mary Thorne (Vocals), Luke Wintermans (Vocals), B.J. Davidson (Vocals), David Harley (Teeth)

Everyday People CD Cover
Artist: Everyday People
Album: Everyday People Remastered 2004
Released: 2003/2004
Notes: The US artwork was utilized for a remastered CD version in 2003, and then again in 2004 with bonus tracks. For more information about the CD, visit Bruce Wheaton's Site or Amazon

1) Everyday People (Sly Stone)
2) Travellin' (Wheaton)
3) I Get That Feeling (Wheaton/Marsh)
4) Music Man (Wheaton)
5) Experience in Love (Wheaton)
6) You Make Me Wonder (Wheaton)
7) I Like What I Like (Wheaton)
8) Don't Wait For Tomorrow (Wheaton)
9) Nova Scotia Home Blues (Wheaton/Marsh)
10) Girls (Wheaton)
Bonus tracks:
11) Feel Like Being Happy (Wheaton)
12) Not The Same For Some (Wheaton)
13) Feelin' Better Already (Wheaton)
14) Where Do We Go (Version 1) (Wheaton)
15) My Next Move (Wheaton)

Bruce Wheaton (Vocal, Lead & Rhythm Guitar)
Chris Paputts (Vocal, Guitar, Harp)
Pam Marsh (Vocal, Keyboard)
Dave Hare (Keyboards)
Al Muggeridge (Drums)
Carson Richards (Bass)

Doug Riley (Piano)
Wayne Boismier (Organ, Piano)
Dr. Music Horns

Molly Oliver CD Cover
Artist: Molly Oliver
Album: Molly Oliver In The Studio Remastered 2003
Released: 2003
Notes: The album has been remastered and issued on CD with bonus tracks. For more information about the CD visit Bruce Wheaton's Site

1) Hey There (Wheaton)
2) You Didn't Listen To Me (Wheaton)
3) Somebody New in My Eyes (Wheaton)
4) Carry On (S. Stills)
5) Greet Your Neighbor (Wheaton)
6) Where Do We Go (Wheaton)
7) Living a Dream (Wheaton)
8) Rock'N'Roll Music (Wheaton)
Bonus tracks:
9) Apology (Wheaton)
10) Go Back Home (Wheaton)
11) Open Up (Wheaton)
12) Straight in My Head (Wheaton)

Bruce Wheaton (Vocals, Lead guitar)
Michael Leggat (Vocals, Keyboard)
Larry Maillet (Vocals, Harp, Rhythm guitar)
Carson Richards (Bass)
Dutch Schultz (Drums)

Ian MacMillan (Drums), Terry Hopkins (Drums), Weldon (Bo) Hanson (Bass), Kurt Hahn (Moog), Atlantic Symphony (Strings)

New Moon CD Cover
Artist: Sam Moon
Album: New Moon 20th Anniversary Edition
Released: 2002
Notes: The LP was issued on CD by Sam in 2002 with a new cover design. He sells the CD at his shows.

1) Eclipse (Moon/Pat Riley)
2) You're An Angel (Moon/Jimmy Biondolillo)
3) Midnight Aire (Moon)
4) Dr. Rock & Roll (Moon)
5) Crowded Main (Moon/Peter Christakos)
6) Satisfaction Guarantee (Moon/Christakos/Hatty)
7) Midday Matinee (Moon)
8) Hostage (Moon)
9) See You Tonight (Moon)

Sam Moon (Lead vocals)
Brett Bezanson (Drums)
Kevin Obritsch (Bass)
Neil MacKinnon (Keyboards, Vocals)
Marcel Doucette (Fiddle)
Gary Hiltz (Guitar)
Helene Bolduc (Vocals)
Terry Hatty (Vocals)

Oakley CD Cover
Artist: Oakley
Album: Oakley
Released: 1980
Notes: The album was reissued on CD by the band.
CDs have been for sale at numerous "reunion" gigs over the past few years.

1) Rock'N'Roll Gypsies (Oakley/Nicholson)
2) Guitar Man (Oakley)
3) Sticking With You (Oakley/Nicholson)
4) I Almost Call Your Name (Oakley)
5) Sidewinder (Oakley/Nicholson)
6) Don't Kick a Man (Oakley)
7) Good Rockin' Tonight (Oakley/Nicholson)
8) Ride Em Cowboy (Oakley)
9) To You (Oakley/Nicholson)
10) Runnin' Wild (Oakley/Nicholson)

Ritchie Oakley (Guitar), Wayne Nicholson (Lead Vocals), Bruce Dixon (Bass), Bill McCauley (Keyboards), Doug MacKay (Drums)

(plus) Terry Hatty (Vocals), Pat Riley (Harmonica), Mark Rivera (Saxophones)

Snakeye CD Cover
Artist: Snakeye
Album: Snakeye 1971-1979
Released: 2003
Label: ABO (Band production)
Notes: In 2003, Allard released a 2CD set containing most of the tracks from the two Snakeye albums along with several previously unreleased tracks.
CDs have been for sale at gigs over the past few years.

Disc 1
1) Choked Up (Barkhouse/Umphrie)
2) Crack in the Ceiling (Barkhouse)
3) Fools Game (Barkhouse)
4) What Ya Say (Barkhouse/Lake)
5) Reaching Out (Barkhouse/Umphrie)
6) Blue Feelin' (Barkhouse/Umphrie)
7) Shape Up Or Ship Out (Barkhouse/Argent)
8) Looking Through A Window (Barkhouse/Umphrie)
9) Sing A Song (Barkhouse/White)
10) Walk It Off (Barkhouse)
11) Just A Feeling (Barkhouse)
12) See The Son (Barkhouse/Argent)
13) I Can Stand (Barkhouse)
14) My Love is Real (Barkhouse/McKinnon)
15) Here I Go Again (Barkhouse/McKinnon)
16) Believe Me Lady (Barkhouse/Umphrie/Argent/White)
17) I'm Coming Home (Barkhouse/Umphrie)

Disc 2
1) Get Ready (Barkhouse/Upshaw)
2) Women In Love (Barkhouse/Umphrie/Argent/White)
3) Something To Believe In (Barkhouse/Argent)
4) Boogadie Shoot (Barkhouse/Umphrie/Argent/White)
5) Someone (Barkhouse/Argent)
6) So Glad I Made It (Barkhouse)
7) Red Door Green Door (Barkhouse/White)
8) Baby Won't You Come Home (Barkhouse/Umphrie)
9) Rock N'Roll Man (Barkhouse/Umphrie)
10) Shut The Door Mama (Barkhouse/Argent)
11) Ooh La La (Barkhouse/Argent)
12) Gonna Be Singing (Barkhouse/Umphrie/Argent/White)
13) Look At Me (Barkhouse/Umphrie)

Allard Barkhouse (Lead Vocals, Drums '71-'79), Neil McKinnon (Vocals, Keyboards, Mini Moog '76-'79), Steve Russell (Vocals, Bass '74-'79), Kenny Umphrie (Vocals, Bass '72-'74), Jimmy White (Guitar '72-'74), Johnny Lake (Guitar '77-'79), Tony Argent (Guitar '72-'74), Cedric Upshaw (Vocals, Guitar '74-'76), Edward "Brother" Wilson (Vocals, Guitar '75-'77)

Made In Canada 3 CD Cover
Album: Made In Canada Volume Three
Released: 1990
Label: RCA/BMG KCD1-7158
Notes: Part of a 4 CD set, included here because of the Stitch In Tyme track.
The Made in Canada series is long out of print but can be found from time to time on ebay or gemm.com

1) If I Told My Baby - The Paupers
2) Brainwashed - David Clayton-Thomas With The Bossmen
3) Gloria - King Beezz
4) Writing On The Wall - Five Canadians
5) It's My Pride - The Guess Who
6) Got To Get You Into My Life - The Stitch In Tyme
7) Somebody Help Me - The British Modbeats
8) Keep On Running - Grant Smith and the Power
9) I'm Losing Tonight - A Passing Fancy
10) Cornflakes And Ice Cream - Lords of London
11) Gaslight - The Ugly Ducklings
12) Does Your Mama Know About Me - Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers
13) Communication - Nucleus
14) You Make Me High - Luke & The Apostles
15) We're All In This Together - Cat
16) Signs - The Five Man Electrical Band
17) Africa - Thundermug
18) California Jam - Klaatu

Cape Breton by Request CD Cover
Album: Cape Breton By Request
Label: SMPCD 1014
Notes: More information

1) The Island - The Barra MacNeils
2) Getting Dark Again - Buddy MacDonald
3) Song For The Mira - Matt Minglewood
4) Fare Thee Well Love - Fiona MacGillivary
5) Working Man - Men Of The Deeps
6) Dan R. Medley - Buddy MacMaster
7) Sid Mar Chaidh - The Cape Breton Chorale
8) You'll Be Home Again - Heather Rankin, Cookie Rankin and Doris Mason
9) The Four Marys - John Allan Cameron
10) Song For Peace - The Barra MacNeils
11) Scotch Music - Howie MacDonald
12) My Love, Cape Breton & Me - John Gracie
13) Go Off On Your Way - Ronnie MacEachern
14) Rise Again - Raylene Rankin

Cape Breton by Request Vol II CD Cover
Album: Cape Breton By Request Vol II
Label: SMPCD 1016
Notes: More information

1) Ghost of Bras d'Or - Miller's Jug
2) Me And The Boys - Matt Minglewood
3) Song For Noel - Fred Lavery & Road
4) Mingulay Boat Song - John Allan Cameron
5) Another Morning - J.P. Cormier
6) The Legend of Kelly's Mountain - McGinty
7) Midday Matinee - Sam Moon
8) Headin' For Halifax - Brakin' Tradition
9) Josephine - Buddy and the Boys
10) Plain Ole Miner Boy - Rita MacNeil
11) Small Town Wind - Maxine MacDonald
12) Skye Boat Song - Howie MacDonald
13) Amene le vent - Ronald Bourgeois
14) One World - Doris Mason

Singalong Jubilee CD Cover
Album: Singalong Jubilee Singers
Released: 1997
Label: EMI 7243 8 21673 2 7
Notes: In 1997, Archive/EMI released a Singalong Jubilee compilation CD entitled, "Singalong Jubilee Singers". It utilized the artwork from the first Singalong Jubilee LP.
The CD is out of print but does turn up from time to time on ebay or gemm.com

1) Eddystone Light - Bill Langstroth, Jim Bennet & Jubilee Singers
2) Aura Lee - Jubilee Singers
3) Cod Liver Oil - Bill Langstroth & Jubilee Singers
4) I'se The B'y That Builds The Boat
5) Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor - Jim Bennet & Jubilee Singers
6) Nova Scotia Song - Catherine McKinnon & Jubilee Singers
7) I Was Seeing Nellie Home - Bill Langstroth & Jubilee Singers
8) Oh Mary Don't You Weep For Me
9) Don't Bring Lulu - The Dropouts
10) The Feller From Fortune - Bill Langstroth and Jubilee Singers
11) Rich Man's Spiritual - Ken Tobias & Jubilee Singers
12) The Last Thing On My Mind - Anne Murray & Jubilee Singers
13) Steel Rail Blues - Fred McKenna
14) Black Rum & Blueberry Pie
15) Ezekial Saw The Wheel - Bill Langstroth & Jubilee Singers

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