This game touches on many subjects - Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, reincarnation, Tantra, Hinduism, metaphysics, the purpose of life and all that. These books are just the briefest possible introduction to some very complex subjects. Following them are some Internet sites. While some sites are very relevant to particular pages, I've grouped them here as I didn't want to keep updating individual pages.

Rebirth: The Tibetan Game of Liberation
By Mark Tatz and Jody Kent
Anchor Press, Garden City
ISBN 0-385-11421-4

Detailed explanation of each square, the history and meaning of the game and all round introduction to some important ideas in Tantric Buddhism. Comes with a full color large fold out paper playing board.

The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, 3rd edition
Compiled and edited by W.Y. Evans -Wentz
Translated by Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup
Oxford University Press, London
ISBN 0-19-500223-7

An ancient manuscript which guides one through death, between death states and helps you either stay there or achieve a favorable rebirth in a more enlightened next life. This version includes extensive commentaries by the translator, by Evans-Wentz and an introduction to the psychology of its possible meaning for the living by Carl Gustav Jung.

The Tibetan Book of The Dead
Translated by Frank J. MacHovec
Peter Pauper Press, Mount Vernon
This is a simpler translation, without footnotes and the extensive commentaries of the Evans-Wentz edition. The two compliment each other quite well. This one is easily readable, being in plain English imagery and language, without the long Sanskrit terminology. Evans-Wentz is good for more detailed study and the proper understanding of the different cultural setting of the book. Reading this one first makes the other a lot easier to follow!

Born in Tibet
Chogyam Trungpa
1966 & 1977
Prajna Press, Boulder
An engaging account by a former abbott of a Tibetan monastery. He traces his life from about age five and his entry into the monastery after being discovered as the reincarnation of its previous abbott, through his flight from Tibet after the Chinese takeover in 1959 and up into his existence in the West until the early 70's. While he left his former order, he founded a new one based on it in North America. He has a number of other works about Buddhism, including a translation of the "Book of the Dead" and a fairly influential one called "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism".

Tantra: The Indian Cult of Ecstasy
Philip Rawson
Thames and Hudson Ltd., London
There is a great deal that I have left out about Tantra, in the many levels of the game that deal with it. This is an excellent introduction to the ideas and the art.

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