Welcome to the Game of Rebirth

This game is adapted from the book "Rebirth: The Tibetan Game of Liberation" by Mark Tatz & Jody Kent. In it they present a traditional Buddhist game intended to teach a metaphysical system about reincarnation and its place in the universe. This is a greatly simplified version of the game, without a lot of explanation of the meaning of each place. The book has between a paragraph and two pages on each of the stages, I've cut this down to a few lines - I am neither a Tibetan nor a Buddhist, and do not try to explain things I don't necessarily understand or believe. On the other hand, I am a fellow traveller and the game is offered in the hope that by playing it you may be introduced to its believes.

You start in the present earthly human condition and move through a number of states or lives, doing and learning various things until you understand everything and achieve liberation. Ideally, as you grow in consciousness you gain more control over your direction and chance or outside influences play less a part in your wanderings. There are no links out of the game. Like life itself, you need to find your own way out! There are 104 steps.

In this level of reality, chance is determined by rolling a six sided die and then following the indicated number. This fortunately coincides with the six syllables of the phrase "Om, mani padme hum". You can either roll a traditional six numbered die and follow the resulting numbered link or trust to your karma and click on the prayer wheel (which is rolling the mantra) and be cast onto another page! Not all pages have six possible exits, some make you wait. Some exits take you to a better realm (ie: you learned your lesson) and some take you to a worse place.

Click the prayer wheel to start!

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Steven Slater Jan 1996 Halifax, Nova Scotia

Om Mani padme hum