March 01, 1994

Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 10:33:26 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro*CAN Society Board of Directors
March 1, 1994. 4-6pm
Halifax City Regional Library boardroom

Attending: Ellen Sherlock, Rand Cooper, Renee Davis, David
Trueman, Laura Jantek, Joan Brown-Hicks, David Murdoch, Peter
Henry, Kevin Nugent, Carlos Freitas.
Latecomers:Paul Skeffington.
Absent:Connie Carruthers(2nd)

     *Ellen Sherlock requested that we move item 5, doing
business, to the top of the agenda.
     *It was stated by Ellen that the handout on the CFN may not be
ready for distribution at the fair on Wednesday due to the need
for it to include a phone number and mailing address.  David
Murdoch suggested that we include his phone # and Dalhousie's
address.  David T. to provide Dal.'s address.  This was agreed
upon without a motion being made.
     *Renee asked that we pick a date and have the contact
information decided by then.
     *Ellen stated that there is serious need for a permanent
phone where the society can be reached by interested parties.

MOVED, by Ellen Sherlock: That the society adopt the option of
locating the phone at Dalhousie's department of Math, Stats. and
Computer Science. SECONDED, by Peter Henry.  

     *Joan was concerned with the cost of changing the location
of the phone after it was placed at Dal.
     *David T. will set up a phone log with names and time of
each call.
No dissenting votes were cast.  Motion passed.

     *Paul requested permission from the board to set up a bank
account for the society as well as to get a book of receipts. 
His recommendation was for the Society to open an account at Bank
of Montreal.

MOVED, by Paul Skeffington: That the Society temporarily open an
account at the Bank of Montreal.  SECONDED, by Peter Henry.

     *There was a question of our ability to arrange automatic
fund transfers from the accounts of new members to the Society's
     *There was concern that the present action would be seen as
a snub to the Credit Union Atlantic who have provided information. 
It was not generally shared.
No dissenting votes were cast.  Motion passed.

     *Paul Skeffington was instructed to prepare a receipt book
for Society memberships and other revenues.

Membership form:
     *There was discussion on the different types of membership
and their respective prices.  Individual memberships will be $12
per year and charter memberships will likely be $60 per year but
no motion was made in this matter.

Terms of reference:
     *As there was little time for the board to examine the terms
posted, there will be further reading of them before they are
accepted or modified by the committees and the board.
     *Ellen Sherlock suggested that the name Development
Committee be changed to Fundraising Committee.
     *The question was raised of who does the recruitment of
volunteers.  Renee Davis suggested it be the job of the
membership committee.
     *Suggestions included putting a volunteering option on the
membership form, Having a pool of volunteers on the system to
which people can subscribe, and considering a volunteer
coordinator or committee.

     David Trueman, David Murdoch, and Renee Davis met to discuss
the stance of the Society.

MOVED, by Peter Henry: That Renee Davis, David Murdoch, and David
Trueman be the network negotiating committee with powers to
negotiate with network providers and present reccomendations to
the board. SECONDED by Paul Skeffington.  No dissenting votes
cast.  Motion passed.

Electronic Voting:

MOVED, by David Trueman:
- That any motion made to the cfn-board mailing list will be
passed if at least six additional board members vote in favor of
the motion, and no dissenting votes are cast nor reservations
- That any such vote be declared concluded by the original mover
24 hours after the original motion is made, as recorded by the
header of the original movers message. SECONDED by Laura Jantek.
No dissenting votes cast.  Motion passed.

Quiet launch:
     *It was agreed that the board and its various committees
will prepare for a quiet launch to take place April 9th.  Time
lines will be prepared by the committees for this occasion.

Next Board meeting:
     *Ellen volunteered to host the next meeting at her home at
5847 Grant Street at 7:30 on March 9th.  She then passed around a
draft of a press release to go to local papers.
Adjourned: 6:00pm.     The meeting schedule for the next month is as follows:

March 1--Board and committees will meet at the library.
March 8--Library is available for meetings of committees.
March 9--Board will meet in the evening at David M.'s home.
March 15--Committees can meet in the library.
March 22--Board will meet in the library.
March 29--General meeting at Teachers Resource center on Chebucto

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community.

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