March 22, 1994

Date: Mon, 6 Jun 1994 23:36:18 -0300
From: Kevin Alexander James Nugent
To: board-minutes

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Metro Community Access Network Society
Board of Directors Meeting
March 22, 1994 4-6:00pm Halifax City Regional Library

ATTENDING:Joan Brown-Hicks, Carlos Freitas, Ellen Sherlock, Rand
Cooper, Paul Skeffington, Renee Davis, Peter Henry, Kevin Nugent,
David Trueman.
NOT IN ATTENDANCE: David Murdoch, Connie Carruthers, Laura Jantek.

1) Agenda changes: Suggestions were that the subject of our
business use policy be added to the discussion after item 8,
information rights week; Move item 5, committee reports, behind
item 9, network negotiations.

2)  David M. suggested that any CFV by e-mail be accompanied by a
message calling for discussion so that the two threads can be
easily distinguished.

VOTE:  That the board pass the membership pricing structure created
and presented by the fundraising committee.  9 votes in favor.  No
dissenting votes were cast.

MEETING WITH TODD BROWN: David Murdoch, David Trueman, and Ellen
Sherlock will meet with Mr. Brown on Friday March 25, at the office
at Purdy's Wharf.

MEETING WITH CBNET: A meeting was held by wire on March 16.  Pat
Melski, Mark MacDonald, Dan McMullen, and Faye Hopkins attended in
Cape Breton.  Marion Pape, Bernie Hart, David Trueman, David
Murdoch, Donna Bourne-Tyson and Joan Brown-Hicks attended in
     * The meeting went very well.
     * It was suggested that a provincial meeting be arranged
within the next two weeks with attendance from NSTN and the
Department of Economic Development.
     * Cape Breton will look at our software.  Joint purchase and
hiring possibilities were also discussed.
     * There is a need for the two groups to make clear what they
expect from a service provider re: internet and provincewide

     * Was released last week.

- Halifax Cable has shown interest in the system and whether it can
play a part in provision of information or services.

- Signing authorities were agreed upon.  Any two of the five
members of the executive are required to sign for the society's

     * A five part informational posting has been distributed by
the coalition for public information.
     * Joan Brown-Hicks suggested that the system be Demonstrated
to the public during this period.  It was agreed that it would be
good to bring in a speaker such as David Sutherland or Sam
Sternberg for the event.


COMMUNICATIONS: Ellen Sherlock wants to assemble a general
administrative database.  Committees will be asked to specify their
needs in relation to such a database.  
IP: Carlos announced a new member for his committee, Ken Aucoin. 
He will approach some cultural org.'s about becoming IP's.
     * It was mentioned that we need to have a prepared method of
targetting various IP categories such as religious organizations,
     * George White has prepared a draft policy on acceptable
business use of the system.
     * An IP brochure and agreement are in development.

All informational pieces, handouts, etc. are to be sent to the
communications committee to ensure that formatting is standardized
before they are released to the public.

MEMBERSHIP: A posting was made and Minutes will follow.  Terms of
reference will be amended to include a piece by Tony Lamport on the
role of the volunteer coordinator.
     * An e-brochure has been created and sent to a few interested
     * Membership forms will be recieved at Dal where the
membership data will be entered.  The funds will be forwarded to
the treasurer to be deposited.  Inquiries alone will be sent to the
membership committee.

- Mailouts and their logistics were discussed.

- Joan Brown-Hicks spoke with the Halifax City manager about doing
a demo for all of the city departments.  It could be done sometime
in May.

Committees, please inform the library if you are to meet on your
days so the space can be booked.
April 5, Committees
April 12, Committees
April 13, Board
April 19, Steering
April 26, Board

Kevin Alexander James Nugent,
Chebucto Freenet, a new kind of community.

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